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We’ve experienced a huge jump in demand for robotic lawn mowers over the last few years. People are seeing how much these machines revolutionize how we tackle lawn care. 

That’s why many are recognizing the value of a robotic lawn mower. And today, we’ll explain to you how beneficial one can be for your lawn care routine and your lifestyle as a whole. 

Save Time That You Can Spend Doing Other Things

According to a research study done on 2,000 Americans, people spend between 21 to 32 hours a month to upkeep their home. A decent amount of that time is spent on lawn care. 

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When it comes to lawn care specifically, people more often do their lawn care on the weekends when they don’t have work to worry about. A decent portion of a weekend day is spent outside pushing or carrying heavy equipment to make the lawn look great. 

Robotic lawn mowers relieve you of a lot of that time. Because it mows the lawn on autopilot, you can use that spare time for whatever you want: relaxing, extra sleep, family time, and more. 

Granted, most people that want to buy a robotic lawn mower are busy; they have plenty of other projects, tasks, or chores to work on throughout the day. 

A robotic lawn mower will give you some extra time that you can spend to focus on other, more important, things. 

They’re Safer Than Gas-powered Lawn Mowers

Despite the increased awareness of the dangers of traditional lawn mowers, injuries are still prevalent, especially in small children. In the United States alone, around 9,400 children suffer injury from lawn mowers per year.

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Many of those injuries involve lashes, infections, and toe or foot amputations. These injuries are very preventable but still occur too often. 

Traditional lawn mowers have rapidly moving blades that can send debris and dirt flying, which can harm children that get too close. Many modern mowers have a kill switch to stop the blades to help avoid emergencies, but not many older ones do. 

Using a robotic lawn mower is a super smart way to avoid many injuries.

Robotic mowers have so many safety tech features to protect you, your children, your pets, and other objects. 

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For example, Husqvarna installed multiple sensors in their mowers. They rapidly stop the blades if the mower has been lifted, change the mowing direction if it senses it might collide with something or someone, and navigate the lawn safely altogether.

Experience Peace and Quiet

One thing that NOBODY likes is how loud a traditional lawn mower is. Not only can you hear it, but also your family and your neighbors. 

Sometimes, people wear earplugs or earmuffs when using traditional mowers so the noise doesn’t hurt their ears. That makes it harder for someone in your household to get your attention when you’re needed for something. 

Plus, the loud engine noise is an open invitation for complaints from neighbors who want to enjoy some natural outside noise. 

Robotic lawn mowers are a sigh of relief for everyone’s ears. These mowers are usually so quiet, it’s very unlikely that anyone will even hear that it’s on. 

You can have a nicely mowed lawn without disturbing the peacefully quiet atmosphere. 

They’re Environmentally Friendly

Traditional lawn mowers are a major threat to the quality of the environment. A typical gas-powered mower pollutes the air 11 times as much as a new car would. 

Even worse, you’re negatively affecting the wildlife around you. Insects like bees have a less habitable environment to do their job. Small creatures like hedgehogs or squirrels are at high risk of being struck or killed by a blade. 

Robotic lawn mowers are electrically powered by batteries; bye-bye fossil fuels and gas exhaust!  

Better for the Overall Health of Your Lawn

You may wonder how the health of the grass is affected. “As long as it’s mowed, it should be fine right?” No. 

Depending on the complexity of your lawn, a traditional mower may leave patches where the grass was cut too low. That negatively impacts the health of the grass. 

Robotic mowers don’t cut low; they chop the top off of grass blades. Those trimmings that would normally fly into a push mower’s bag returns to the surface of the soil. It acts as a natural fertilizer. 

As a result, you’ll have greener lawns and little to no patches on the lawns. At worst, you lose out on the pretty lawn stripes left from a traditional mower. 

Low Maintenance

We do admit that there will be a bit of upfront work to set up a robotic mower for the first time. You have to set up the charging station, lay out the perimeter wire, and schedule the mower. But if you don’t feel like doing that, you can have one of our specialists install it for you.

Once it’s running, cleaning is a breeze. Just tilt the mower upwards and spray underneath with a garden hose. Gone are the days of changing oil or refiling gas. 

Some robotic mowers allow you to connect to your phone via an app, allowing you to see what mechanical issue the mower has if it faces any. 

No More Dealing With Allergies

One of the fewer discussed issues with mowing the lawn is allergies. With a push mower, you come in close contact with the grass, exposing you to many allergies. 

Despite the fact that a robotic mower will mow more frequently, you won’t be closely exposed to anything. You can stay far away from the mower, still get a beautiful lawn, and avoid all the sneezing or teary eyes. 

Upgrade to a Robotic Lawn Mower Today

So many people are witnessing the massive benefits of robotic lawn mowers. Now it’s your turn to experience it. Check out our wide selection of mowers to find one that’s suited for your lawn.