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Highly trained network of robotic solution professionals to make getting your new bot set up and running simple and easy.

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Prior to becoming certified, our personel undergo training that enables them to answer questions & execute their jobs efficiently to get your bot up and running.


With one of the industry’s largest network of installation professionals, we share our collective knowledge to ensure any and all problems can be addressed with experience and efficiency.


As a family owned and operated company, we take pride in working for your community. That’s why our installers are responsible for all work and customers in their area.

What is a Certified Installer?

While robotic lawnmowers can be installed by the average homeowner with DIY installation kits, not everybody has the time or even wants to tackle the task. Even if they are, sometimes issues crop up that need industry insight.

Enter Autmow trained professionals. All certified installers are trained on the equipment, tools and products they install. They are also supported with one of the industries largests networks of installers from all backgrounds and disciplines.

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