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Getting Started

Define your lawn

Understanding the nuances of your yard will help you determine the best model for your needs.

Find the right fit

Lawn size is one of the most important factors in finding your mower, but not the only one. The terrain of your lawn, grass type, fences & barriers all play a factor in making sure you are happy.

Install & Enjoy

Once you’ve done the research or enlisted our help, it’s time to get the mower running. Installation isn’t rocket science, but it’s easily a day’s work. Do it yourself with a kit, or let us do it for you.

Why Robotic Mowing?

Why not? You’ve got better things to do than spend you extra free time on Saturday morning mowing. We’ve all got those projects that we can’t seem to find the time for or maybe you just want some extra time to spend with the family. Or, like many, maybe you are just sick of mowing.

No matter your reason for looking into robotic mowing, we are here to help you along the way. Let us help you decide which model is best, how much material you will need for your install, or even let us do it for you.

Automate your lawn care so you can get back some of your precious time.


Big or Small

It’s all good. Most bots can handle your standard lawn with ease. We have single unit solutions ranging from .25 Acres to 6 Acres, and can advise when more than one mower could be needed.

Any Shape Lawn

Even the weird ones. Between GPS & efficient guidewires, there is a robotic solution for even the most complex lawns.

Within Reach

We know this isn’t a small purchase. While we believe they pay for themselves in a lot of ways, affordable financing options make the commitment easier, and get the robot out on your lawn sooner.

Smartlawn Service

Not interested in buying? Lease for $19/week with the ability to add additional lawncare maintainance to your package.

Find a local Installer

Autmow is the largest and fastest robotic mowing installation network in the U.S. Our goal is to help any and all customers with their installation needs. Find out if we have a proffesional in your neighborhood.

Explore Brands



The world’s best selling robotic lawn mower.


Innovative technology meets mowing excellence.



The fully-customizable lawnbot you can control with your voice.



Robomow features enhanced maneuverability & extended battery life.

Save Time

Spend more time with family and friends, travel more, and free up relaxation time … all while maintaining a beautiful lawn.



Autonomous mowers are so quiet you can run them at night… with the windows open… and still only hear crickets.

Perfect Lawn

Instead of cutting a bunch of length once per week, robotic lawn mowers frequently clip just a little bit at a time. The result: a perfectly manicured, healthy-looking lawn.

Remarkably Safe

Built-in safety features prevent mowers from bumping into obstacles, and high-tech sensors turn blades off when objects get close or when you lift the machine. This means safer children and pets.


Zero-emissions means we’re not contributing to the 5% of carbon emissions created by lawn and garden equipment each year.



Anti-theft features (such as pin-codes, alarms, base pairing, and GPS recovery) make them theft-proof.

Owners Page

Own a Robotic Mower? This page is full of helpful resources, owners manuals, care tips, and owners manuals to help keep your robotic mowing pal running and well taken care of.

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