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Maintain Me

Let us replace blades, store your bot for winter, repair up to two line breaks per year, and move for free.


Put your old mower to good use by dropping it off at a Habitat for Humanity ReStore location.

Mower Manuals

Tossed your manual in the excitement of installation? No worries. Find your model to the left to download a digital version.

Maintainence Tips

To keep your mower running properly, and for as long as possible, we advise following a few monthly & yearly maintainence procedures.


While not all models offer the same blade types, checking the status of your blades frequently helps avoid dull & inconsistent cuts. Many of our models use small razors blades—these are the cheapest and easiest to replace. Other blade types should last longer, but they still need periodic checks.


If your bot operates on rough terrain or hard surfaces, keep an eye on the condition of the wheels. While it won’t happen overnight, the tread can take a beating and become less effective and possibly contribute to getting stuck or less effective cutting.


You don’t need to throw the whole shed at it, but having a few common tools on hand is helpful. Husqvarna even makes a handy kit which you can find in our store.

  • Cleaning wipes or microfiber towel with spray
  • Small brushes of various sizes.
  • Phillips screwdriver (for blade changes)

These are the basics, but you may find new tools along the way to help make you upkeep easier.


It’s a lawnmower and one that works around the clock. Help your little pal out by regularly checking for build-up. Start by shutting off your mower, flip it over, and remove any large chunks you see. Wipe it down with a damp cloth.


While nothing we use stays looking new, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t shine it up every now and again. Wiping down the mower with a degreaser or cleaning wipes helps to keep it looking nice and prevent further build up.

Since it is outside the majority of its life, using weather conditioning and restoring wipes can also help in giving it a good final shine, and restoring some of the fade from days in the sun.