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What is it?

Stay completely worry-free with Autmow’s MaintainMe program. Choose from Winter or year-round coverage. We check in regularly to replace blades and keep everything running smoothly. We’ll even fix a boundary wire break. Twice. At no additional charge. Our winter program includes pickup and/or drop-off, a detailed cleaning, an extra battery charge, fresh blades, and a 20-point preventative diagnostic.

Properly caring for your robotic lawn mower will extend its life and protect your investment. Dull, worn blades will damage your grass and cause it to turn brown. Even worse, damaged blades can break off, which can be hazardous to family members and pets. That’s not the way you want to start your spring and summer. At Autmow, we’ll check the battery, make sure it’s in good condition, and recharge it. We can store your mower over the winter to prevent exposure to the harsh weather conditions Central Ohio can experience. We will also advise you on the best way to protect your charging system from frigid temperatures, snow, and ice.

Autmow’s MaintainMe program isn’t limited to winter. We also have a year-round maintenance service to keep your mower in optimal condition.

We offer several levels of service for maintenance at different price points. Choose the one that makes sense to you and submit the form below. This will kick off the enrollment process and you can be assured that your robotic lawn mower will be ready to resume service in the springtime. It’s convenient and cost-effective.

* Availability of services and/or offerings and prices vary by location. Please find a location near you and fill out the contact form to learn more.


New blades every six weeks


Winter Storage and service

Line Repairs

Up to two free line repairs per year


Comprehensive cleaning before storage

Service Types

Customer Dropoff


Autmow Pickup


Autmow Pickup
(2 Mowers)


Autmow Pickup


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