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Elevate Your Turf

Whether you run a campus or an athletic club,you’ve got an active and demanding sports facility to keep in tip-top shape. You need the fields looking (and playing) perfect, but you don’t have all the time in the world. We are here to bring cutting-edge automation to your grounds, to keep the lawns healthy, and to make maintenance easier than ever before.

Master Your Time

Manage your turf care needs consistently and on your schedule. Silent mowing means you can mow around the clock and paint fields in minutes, not hours.

Reduce Compaction

Without the need for heavy equipment constantly running back and forth, you can give your turf a break.  The light weight and variable patterns of our autonomous solutions reduce overall compaction.

Improve turf health

Robotic mowers are easier on the lawn and result in noticeable improvements. Naturally fertilize with micro-clippings, return nutrients to the soil, and reduce thatch buildup over time.

What we do

How exactly do we match the right solution to your needs?

We Get to know your specific needs

Every sports facility is a little bit different. The experienced professionals here at Autmow will work with you to understand your specific needs so we can provide the best solution.

We design you a custom fit Solution

Once we know the unique needs of you and your turf, we will recommend solutions best suited to address those needs and provide services & support.

We provide Services & Support

We set you up, provide guidance and support, and make sure that you have everything you need to keep your sports facility in perfect shape now and in the long run.

Our Solutions

Robotic Mowing

Autmow carries a wide range of wired and wireless robotic mowers from the industry’s largest manufacturers.


Reduce Compaction

Lighter weight equipment

Fleet Managed

Monitor anywhere, anytime

On Your Schedule

Consistently cut, rain or shine 24/7

Large Area Single-Unit

Husqvarna Ceora™

The latest in large-scale, EPOS wireless robotic mowing from Husqvarna. Manage up to 6 acres of professional quality or 18 acres of standard green spaces.

echo tm1000 font angle view 2

Echo Turf Mower

Echo Robotics’ TM1000 and TM2000 provide a durable robotic mowing solution and range picking capabilities through the RP1200.

Large Area Multi-Unit

Husqvarna 500 series automower professional grade robotic mowers

Husqvarna 500 Series

The Automower™ 500 series of robotic mowers provide complex installation solutions through a wide variety of products and capabilities for unique terrain.

Complex Combination

Husqvarna 500 series automower professional grade robotic mowers
Custom Configuration

From sports turf and beyond, Autmow has the products and knowledge to execute on any scale and adapt to a wide range of needs. Your turf doesn’t start and end with your fields and your solution should reflect that.

Line Painting

Teams depend on consistent, bright lines. What if you could reduce the time, materials and effort it takes to prep, paint and maintain your fields?

Easy to Use

Simple setup and operation


High accuracy RTK hardware

Save Time

Paint fields in a fraction of the time

Autmow traqnology turftraq


Sportstraq puts the power of precision and control in the palm of your hands. Initial field layouts only have to be completed once and take less than 5 minutes. Users can create as many field designs as they choose and all data is backed up on our cloud.

Autmow traqnology turftraq


The Traqster Ride-on GPS Airless Riding Field Line Striper is the first true ride-on airless field striping machine designed exclusively for use on all natural or artificial turf.

Spraying + Spread

Coming Soon

Reduce Waste

Apply materials precisely where they are needed

Improve Health

Precision application means knowing nothing was missed

Increased Versatilty

Add new capabilities to existing product

autmow fresh grass

Traqnology Chemical Sprayer

Using the same systems that make the Sportstraq easy to use and accurate, the sprayer addon allows you and your crew to reduce material waste and cover your turf more precisely than ever before.

autmow fresh grass

Traqnology Spreader

Similar to the painting and application spraying capabilities, Traqnology’s spreader lets you load up your UTV, set your course and spread material with RTK precision to help reduce waste and the effort needed.

How we keep your sports facility in perfect shape

Before You Buy

Demo: See it in action first.

Seeing is believing. We know how important it is to be able to see the product in action and ask questions. Find a location near you and reach out to us about product demo opportunities.

Pilot Program

We know our professional grade products are new and seem complicated. To help make the decision, Autmow can help install certain products for an extended window to give you and your crew an opportunity to work them into your routines.

Site Survey

Through the use of our proprietary mapping software, we can help give you a high-level idea of what a potential installation could look like to get you on the path for more beneficial conversations.

Feasibility Study

An on-site, thorough walk through of your properties with a detailed breakdown of what can and cannot be automated, any changes needed and those that could improve performance of an installation. Think of this as us working closely with you to set goals, reasonable expectations, where implementation will make the greatest impact and where we might even advise against it.

Impact Reports

Through the use of custom and manufacturer supplied calculators along with data you provide, we can help to calculate expected savings on labor, materials, and carbon output.

Save Some Money,
Save the Trees.

Autmow Advantage

It’s what we’re all about: we’re here to support you beyond the product itself. With this in mind, our customers not only get priority service, but also save 10% on post installation labor and 5% on parts for the lifetime of their equipment.


While our industry and the products we carry come with considerable capabilities and pay for themselves over time, we understand the importance of managing budgets. With this in mind, we have partnered with various financial institutions to help provide affordable payment plans to help you meet your goals.

Volume Pricing

For larger areas and clients, there is often a need for a multiple products and with this we gladly pass down savings through wholesale pricing on certain brands and models. If you’re going to have a fleet, you should get fleet pricing.

Roots for Change

In an effort to commit to sustainable efforts beyond our product offerings, we have partnered with DigitalHumani to plant a tree for every mower we sell. Double your impact by planting an equivalent number of trees to match the carbon reduction calculated for each mower you purchase.


Professional Installation

We are highly trained and experienced with our products and the details around a successful installation. Not every product needs it, but for those that do, let us handle planning, materials, timeline and execution.

Initial Training

While in time you and your crew will become  experts on your equipment, we don’t expect you to know everything right away. We get you set up, run you through the basics and provide access to continuous evolving resources to support you.

72 Hour Monitoring

While this is not needed for every product and installation, if we travel outside of our radius to help get you set up, for an additional fee we will stick around, monitor and make any adjustments needed.


Fleet Monitoring

For our products with fleet monitoring capabilties, Autmow will help keep an eye on performance and notifications to support your crew and ensure everything is operating as expected. This reduces downtime by identifying repeat issues and potential solutions.

Clone Program

Should a product ever need extensive repairs or need to be outright replaced, Autmow can have a unit ready to set up and dispatch to you and replace the existing equipment to help keep your turf maintained instead of waiting around and letting the grass get out of hand.


While there is typically only the need for light maintenance, these products work hard and nothing lasts forever. So if something goes wrong, we will be there to make it right. Pairing this with the clone program can further ensure you have as little down time as possible.

Video Training

Autmow has a growing library of support videos and resources both created by us for our customers as well as content directly from the manufacturer. Should there be a specific need, we can help provide content to resolve any problems.

Preventative Maintenance

For customer’s local to a service area, you can enroll in our onsite services to keep your products in ready-to-work shape. Periodic visits for updates, diagnostics and timely blade changes.

Winter Storage

If you don’t have the space or just want extra peace of mind, Autmow will store your products in our climate controlled warehouse over winter after; giving them a full service cleaning, software updates, multi-point diagnostic, warranty and recall repairs and a fresh set of blades.

Ready to get started?

Not sure if our solutions are right for you? Worried about the cost? We love questions, want to hear from you and help you throughout the whole process. Fill out the form, there are no commitments and it’s the best way to get product and answers in front of you.


Please provide your contact information and we will be in touch.

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