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Sportstraq is the first product providing a highly flexible solution with intuitive, reliable, and straightforward line-marking of sports fields.

Traqnology is showing the way for innovative, efficient and flexible GPS-based Turf solutions. We are raising the standards for precision line marking and more with a user-centric approach, optimizing workflow and investment costs.

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Fits most popular 2 seater UTVs


Paint at speeds up to 9 mph


High accuracy RTK correction


Welded heavy duty, steel chassis

Product Overview

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Semi-autonomous adaption equipment

Breath new capabilities and life into existing equipment through RTK precision, or purchase purpose-built UTV and equipment to address your organizations turf management needs. Traqnology, powered by Digifarm, provides the equipment and software needed to increase efficiency for a wide variety of turf applications.

GPS (RTK) Receiver

Sportstraq utilizes a Smart7 full RTK receiver.  This receiver uses all four main GNSS navigation constellations (GPS, Galileo, GLONAS, Beidou) to model the most accurate position possible.  This receiver is magnetically mounted and easily moved from machine to machine.  Traqnology backs this with our own RTK Network providing the best and most efficient means of achieving sub-inch, repeatable GPS corrections.


The accuracy behind sportstraq’s perfect lines and circles is our universal auto-steering system. Simply mount a gear ring on the center of the steering wheel and clip around that the drive motor. Again, this system is modular and able to be moved between equipment. While painting you simply engage the enable auto on the i-Pad and let go of the steering wheel. Sportstraq software drives your UTV with half-inch precision.


Traqnology’s multi-function joystick offers flexibility for sportstraq users to interact with the iPad while line marking.  The joystick allows for up to four separate pumps to be integrated into the painting system.  The stick allows the user to select which field line to paint or to skip certain lines.  The two buttons on the stick allow the auto-steer system to be engaged and the ability to turn the paint system on or off manually.

Wire Harness

Traqnology’s universal wire harness allows sportstraq to be installed on a wide variety of UTV’s. We have the flexibility to modify component mounting to fit the most unique situations.

Traqnology Sportstraq GPS line painting


Universal GPS Line Marking System

Through Traqnology equipment, Sportstraq gives you access to the software and templates you need for efficient field layout. Combined with a high-pressure, airless paint system (painttraq 500) and an iPad interface is a first for the industry.

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Painttraq 500

Universal, Airless, High-Pressure Paint System

Take your Sportstraq GPS system to the next level! Painttraq 500 slide-in is a universal, airless paint system that will fit any UTV. Simply slide Painttraq 500 into the bed, adjust the paint arm, and connect the cables.

For Use with All Athletic Bulk Paints – Accommodates all athletic bulk paint, whether it be thick, thinned, or temporary paint. No more paying extra for expensive proprietary, boxed paint. Choose whatever paint works for your application.

Reduce Paint Budget – The fully adjustable, 0-3000 psi airless paint pump allows you to select the best pressure to perfectly apply your paint, regardless of the type of field surface that is being painted.

Fast – Stripe up to 8 mph. That’s three times faster than typical walk behind stripers.

Economical – Priced at less than $7000 the painttraq has features unavailable on any other field striping machine.

Fits on most popular UTVs – John Deere, Kubota, Ranger, Toro, Cushman, Jacobsen

Easy Installation and Removal – Quickly slides into the bed of a UTV. The power cord simply plugs into the UTV, and you are ready to stripe. It is that easy and takes less than ten minutes. Need to use your UTV for other jobs? No problem. Removal is as easy and quick as the installation. The total weight of painttraq is less than 180 pounds which allows it to be handled by as little as two people.

Brighter Lines – The high pressure airless pump lets your spray thicker paint for brighter lines.

Straighter Lines – The gun mounts next to the pivot wheel. This improves controllability.

Consistent Line Width – The floating caster allows the spray gun to follow ground contours while maintaining line width for more consistent lines over rough terrain.

Easy Cleanup – On-board five gallon pail feed assembly lets you clean the system while in the field or immediately after use. The inline filter catches most major obstructions helps prevent frustrating clogs and it is easy to clean.

Versatile – A quick release clamp allows you to remove the spray gun to spray stencils, small curves and hard to reach areas with a 25 foot length hose.

Fewer Stops – The 25 gallon main paint tank lets you stripe miles of line before refilling. Alternately, use the convenient five gallon pail option on smaller jobs such as a single field or to quickly change to a second paint color.

Made in the USA

Painttraq 500 is manufactured by Newstripe, Inc in Aurora, Colorado.  100% American manufacturing from engineering, raw steel, assembly, and shipping.  Even our high-pressure pump is manufactured by Newstripe.

Traqnology is pleased to introduce sportstraq.

Sportstraq puts the power of precision and control in the palm of your hands.  Initial field layouts only have to be completed once and take less than 5 minutes. Users can create as many field designs as they choose and all data is backed up on our cloud.

Sportstraq users can line fields all day using a high capacity paint skid utilizing a high-pressure spray system. Line marking a professional size soccer field can be accomplished in under 15 minutes and transporting between fields is fast. The Sportstraq autosteer system drives the vehicle with centimeter accuracy while controlling the paint system. Simply use the app on your iPad to layout your measurements, create your lines, and save every detail for future use. It’s that simple.

Traqnology is pleased to introduce the revolutionary painttraq 500 slide-in  mounted field striping and marking machine. Simply slide it into your current UTV’s bed, plug in the power cord, and you have fastest, most durable, and economical riding field striping machine available. No more pushing a walk behind striper for miles a day. Just sit in the comfort of your UTV, and let it do the work for you.  Painttraq 500 slide-in can be used for manual painting or combined with sportstraq GPS line marking.

  1. Adjustable paint arm.  Both horizontal and vertical.
  2. Twenty-five gallon tank.
  3. Five gallon bucket for clean water.
  4. Adjustable, airless high-pressure pump.
  5. Removable paint gun with 25 feet of hose for stencil painting.
  6. 5.5 HP, quiet Briggs & Stratton engine.
  7. Four inch cleanable & reusable filter.
  8. Includes attachment to paint manually.
  9. Use ANY paint at any mixture.

How it Works

New Field and Design

Easily key in information about a new line marking – you choose the sport, the size, and the way you want to design your field.

Field Design A-B

Create a new field from right where you are by selecting the outer boundary line, giving the equipment a starting point and direction. You can measure distances, and select the direction you want to go. The field can then be adjusted in length and width.

Field Design – Satellite Map

Prepare for the season ahead by marking up all your football fields using a Satellite photo as starting point.

Field Design From Fixed Posts

Here you can mark your fixed posts in soccer so the lines will fit the placement of your posts even if they are not placed exactly where they should be.

Field Design – Aligned

You can easily place your fields on a map, copy, slide and rotate your fields so you are sure they are aligned in the way you want it.

Over Marking

We have designed a user friendly interface for over marking in cooperation with actual users, so all you need is 2-3 taps on the screen and you can start working.

History and Planning

In “Field Designs” you can plan which field designs you want to be active in “automatic help to selection of nearest field”. You can look up line marking and fields by different criteria and edit the information. This is relevant for planning a day’s work or invoicing and statistics.

Documentation and Backup

Every time a field is marked, the data for who did what, where and when is stored, so invoicing and correct documentation is in place. All information is stored on a central server so you can retrieve it should your iPad break down.

Mammotion Luba wireless install

36-Month Commercial Warranty

Peace of Mind

To prove how much we believe in the quality of our painting system, Traqnology backs it with a 36-month limited warranty. This warranty covers both consumer and commercial use and is the longest paint system warranty in the sports turf industry! See warranty documentation for details.

Mammotion luba RTK wireless

Technical Support

Around the Clock

Traqnology provides all sportstraq users with 7 day a week / 365 days per year technical support. Our team of GPS professionals work for and are trained by Traqnology North America. Simply call our toll free number, our techs will record all information into our ticketing software and walk the user through troubleshooting. If a software issue presents itself, our techs can remotely log into the iPad to take care of the issue.

Interested in Traqnology?

Contact us! Fill out the form here to learn more about Traqnology, talk to a sales representative and to learn how semi-autonomous equipment can help increase your organizations efficiency and take some stress off of you and your crew.

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