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Why become an autmow Certified Sales and Services Partner?

Get the job done with all your clients from the touch of your fingertips. Each robotic lawn mower can handle multiple profiles and specialized fleet software, allows you to monitor and adjust as many units as you need from your phone, tablet or computer. Give yourself more time to visit more properties and pick up more clients while your robotic lawn mowers are hard at work for you.

Change your company image by marketing yourself as an eco-friendly provider and being conscious about the company’s carbon footprint.

The more exposure your robotic lawn mowers will get with neighbors and those who pass by will increase awareness and potential new business for those who want one of their one. We have solutions for both residential and large commercial properties.


Every new partner is trained on the equipment, processes, and manufacturers before certification. Even after, our community continues to provide support for one another as we learn together through experience.

Equipment Discounts

Along with training, you will have access to discounted industry specific equipment, hardware & materials.


Autmow is not a high-cost franchise. Gain access and become part of our highly trained network of professionals without the high entry fees that come with a franchise.


The Bread & Butter

You set the areas in which you want to market and install. Residential customers, larger commercial accounts, leasing fleets. The robotic mowing market is ripe to grow, and will do so in ways we can’t even anticipate.

If we have a larger commercial site a state over from you, this is an opportunity to travel & broaden your market and network. Any lead we have in or around your territory will be passed along.


On Your Own Terms

One of our greatest strengths is our industry diversity. We don’t seek any one type of partner, we seek a partner interested in the tech and where it will take us.

This means flexibility in how you run your business. Outright sales, leasing programs, brand limitations. You decide what type of model fits you and the needs of your growing business.

Husqvarna Automower Connect Fleet app

Fleet Management

Track Your Tech

For a landscpaing company, keeping track of equipment can be a headache. Fleet management software is the painkiller you need.

Monitor and manage schedules, status & location of your mowers from a single hub.

EPOS wireless mower communicates with satellites and a reference point

Position for the future

An Invaluable Edge on the Competition

Whether you have your own landscaping company already, or you are looking for a change in your life, the tech is here and it’s not going anywhere.

Being able to offer one of the newest, cutting edge tools of the trade to existing and potential clients is sure to help you stand out. With sustainability initiatives increasing, home automation trends, and awareness of robotic mowers spreading, put yourself in the position to control your future.


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