You have a business to run. Do it more efficiently, sustainably and give yourself more time for more important tasks.

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Traditional lawncare equipment is inefficient and leads to 5% of U.S. air pollution (E.P.A.). Replacing large mowers is a step toward any sustainability innitiative.


Noise reduction

Hospitals, hospice care, retirement homes, university campuses, even corporate offices can all benefit from a noiseless robotic solution.

Fleet Monitoring

Whether you’re a landscaping pro, facility supervisor or property manager, quickly and easily keep an eye on your robotic mower’s status, performance, schedule, location & more.

Why robotic mowing?

Well, why not? As new and untested as it may seem in comparison to traditional mowing methods it’s not. It’s been under development and improving for nearly 3 decades.

Every business we’ve encountered has a unique need they are looking to address for different reasons. Some businesses are looking for a quiet, standalone alternative for their turf, some are taking steps towards sustainability, while others want to get ahead of the competition and find a place for robotic solutions in their business models.

Whatever your need may be, we are here to help explore solutions that make the most sense for you.

How It Works

Meet & Consult

Establish a relationship and discuss your needs and the solutions available.

Survey & Plan

Conduct a comprehensive survey to identify the property and mowers.

Implement & Support

Execute the planned installation, and ensure everything runs smoothly.

Commercial Process

01. Pilot Program

Is a robotic lawn mower right for your business or commercial property? Let’s find out. If your property is a good fit, we will come out and install a demo unit for you to observe and understand how it will fit into your property and business needs.

    02. Feasibility Study

    Before any large or smaller scale commercial installations take place, we conduct an on-site survey to better understand the property and any limitations.

    • A thorough walkthrough of the property to identify the areas you wish to implement mowers on
    • Identification of the area’s size and terrain will dictate the mower type
    • Understand where power is available and in areas it is not, exploration of standalone solar solutions
    • Identify landscaping edits that help to ensure minimal issues for any mower and maximize success
    • Determine which areas are your highest priority, and which areas could be more trouble than they are worth
    • Regardless if mowers are installed, the survey will be made available for you to use with your existing landscaping or maintenance companies

    03. Planning & Install

    Once we have approval on a solution, we work with you or your grounds team to plan, execute, and install with our Certified Installation Network.

    04. Post-Install Support

    We’ve installed enough mowers to know what you need after getting everything in the ground. And we don’t want to keep you hanging.

    • Observing: In the days during and immediately after, we like to stick around and keep an eye on the units to ensure they are functioning properly and make adjustments if needed.
    • Monitoring: Through Husqvarna’s Fleet Services app, you can track the status of all units set-up on your site, set schedules and view reports.
    • Training: We train your on-site staff on  mower settings, troubleshooting, any issues to keep an eye on, and how to address them.
    • Support: Should the need arrive, we can dispatch a Certified Installer or even work with you over the phone to rectify any issues that may arise.


    Property Managers
    Health Care
    Lawn Care Pros
    Home Builders/HOA
    Small Businesses
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    Property Managers
    Property Managers

    Manage More with Less

    Multiple Locations?
    No problem. With fleet tracking, you can keep an eye on the location and status of all units, or filter by their location. If an issue arises, you and any on-site staff will be notified and can quickly remedy the error and get it back up and running.

    Silence can Sell
    While the mowers are a big boost toward any sustainability initiative, the benefits can be enjoyed by your residents through the lack of noise pollution. Any resident of any property will likely enjoy not hearing the sound of a mower right next to them while they are trying to work or sleep.

    What About my Sprinklers?
    Make this a non-issue by easily setting your mowing schedule to compliment the irrigation system so they never have to meet.

    Fleet Monitoring



    Health Care
    Health Care

    Health Care & Retirement Communities

    A Dependable Alternative
    Robotic lawn mowers are a quiet, eco-friendly and affordable alternative to hiring a lawn care service company to do the mowing outside. Autmow is happy to install and maintain units for individual practices, or train current staff on maintaining fleets for hospital networks.

    On Your Schedule
    The robotic lawn mower has the ability to run at night or in inclement weather, meaning patients can remain undisturbed while they are in the process of healing.

    Sustainable & Safe
    There are many benefits to going the autonomous lawn mower route. Batteries eliminate the need for gas and oil, which in turn eliminates fumes and exhaust. The robotic lawn mowers also have lightweight articulating blades that give the additional benefit of not throwing debris when in use.




    Lawn Care Pros
    Lawn Care Pros

    Tools of Tomorrow

    Preparing yourself for the future
    Robotic mowing has been around for the better part of 3 decades and has only increased in popularity. Especially with advancements in technology and the shift toward sustainability in more metropolitan areas. Robotic mowers are just another tool to meet your clients needs. Leasing and installing units to interested properties is a great way to generate buzz around your company and guarantee a consistent income.

    Time for the Details
    “Traditional mowing takes up valuable time you could spend on edge-work, repairs, pruning, hedges, and other details that result in a beautiful finish.

    Reduce time spent on individual clients, and open your schedule for new properties.

    Fleet Capable
    Track your robotic employees in real time and keep an eye on them around the clock. See where they are on a map, how they have been performing, set schedules based on weather or seasonal change, and be notified for any issues they come across.

    Equipment Tracking


    Company Perception


    Government, Sports Turf & Campuses

    Does your town have sustainability initiatives? Hard to find seasonal staff for parks and rec? Let us build a proposal to help manage your most challenging areas, including hazardous hills, high-traffic areas and large sports fields.

    Looking for a safe way to mow tough and dangerous areas of land, such as the side of a highway or large hill? Let robotic lawn mowers take care of areas that are too risky to send employees. Get the lawn mowed efficiently -- and most importantly safely with robotic lawn mowers.

    Struggling to keep up with sporting turf maintenance on top of all the other day to day operations around the athletic campus? Robotic lawn mowers can be programmed to mow around games and practices. Trust robotic lawn mowers to keep the field cut and well-maintained for the hardworking athletes and officials.

    Husqvarna Fleet Services allows you to track and manage all equipment from anywhere. Attaching the Husqvarna sensors to your equipment will provide its location, maintenance or replacements. Keeping track of your equipment that comes in and goes out each day has never been easier!

    Sports Turf

    Reduce Personel Hazards

    Manage Multiple Areas

    Home Builders/HOA
    Home Builders/HOA

    Close the Deal

    Drive Foot Traffic
    Placing a robotic lawn mower out during open houses can add extra curiosity not only in the house on the market but also the strange piece of technology freely roaming the lawn. Add a few balloons and you have your own billboard! Even if they aren’t in the market for a new home, they may know someone and refer your services. Take a chance, a robotic lawn mower in the yard and see what kind of interactions come from it!

    Make the Sale
    Trying to nudge the buyer one step closer to sealing the deal on a house? Make an offer that they can’t resist! Give the potential homeowner the opportunity to keep the robotic lawn mower with the purchase of the home or they can receive a new unit with no installation cost. It truly is a win, win situation.

    Stay Secure
    Don’t let the thought of someone stealing your robotic lawn mower discourage you from taking the step forward to an eco-friendlier and cost-effective solution to mowing the grass. An alarm, personal pin code and GPS tracking are the important features that each robotic lawn mower possess, keeping your mind at ease.

    Great Signing Gift

    Improve Curb Appeal


    Small Businesses
    Small Businesses

    More Time for You

    You may be working long, hard hours and so can your robotic lawn mower, all at the same time. Robotic lawn mowers have the ability to store multiple profiles, which allows you to be able to buy one and use both at home and work. Mowing the grass will be the last thing on your mind while you are keeping the operations of your small business steady.

    No gas, no fumes, no emissions and no carbon footprint left by your business. Earn a green badge from your town with your attention to the environment.

    Foot Traffic
    Robotic lawn mowers are the latest and greatest technology out here in the power equipment industry. Putting one of these robotic lawn mowers out in front of your store mowing the grass will compel people to stop and stare in amazement. Easy way to catch a customer's eye and encourage them to roam through your store.

    Home & Office


    Increase Foot Traffic

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    Commercial Customers

    Robotic Solutions

    Large fields, complex areas, dangerous hills, sports turf, even driving ranges. We offer a wide variety of solutions to meet almost any need.

    Robotic Mowing

    Start of it All

    Our first and largest market solution. Robotic mowing encompasses a range of sizes and unique solutions. Cover large turf areas with a single unit or split the area with multiple. Complex areas around multiple buildings? Multiple installs with fleet monitoring allows you to not only cover your property but keep an eye on status and performance from any device.

    Range Picker

    No Hack

    Echo Robotics RP1200 is the industry standard for robotic range ball collection. Pair one or a few with Echo’s TM series Turf Mowers and be completely hands-off with your range management. Echo models are made from a durable & thick industrial polymer that can withstand the occasional ball strike without issue.

    Fleet Management

    Monitor it All

    Fleet management is a game changer for our commercial customers. Easily manage the schedules, status and review mowing statistics of all mowers on your properties. All from any device. Get notified when there is an issue so you or your team can address it and get it back to mowing in no time.