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Autmow is a family-run company specializing in robotic lawn mowers. We have twenty locations throughout the US We help homeowners and business owners nation-wide.

We’ve spent years researching the products, brands and industry.

Our passion for robotic lawnmowers started years ago as a desire to spend more time with our young child. As a whole, we spend so much time on work and chores, that we may not have much left over for each other. We’ve spent years researching the products, brands and industry. Autmow is the culmination of this research. Our service-first model utilizes the best autonomous mowers available in the US. We’re also happy to offer an emission-free product. The EPA estimates that 5% of US air pollution is caused by lawn equipment alone. While we’ll never be perfect, we can at least do our part.


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Smartlawn Service

Lease one of our Robotic Lawn Mower units and get the service to match.



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Concerns about the longevity of your mower? Fear not, standard & extended warranties are available.

Maintain Me

Our seasonal Maintain Me program gives you the opportunity to be even more hands-off with your mower maintenance. Let us clean & store it for the winter, change blades or add line break repair coverage in case something happens to your boundary or guide wires.

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