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Alexa can’t mow your lawn quite yet, but a robotic lawnmower can. Save your precious time off for more enjoyable activities than mowing the lawn. At Autmow, we carry robotic lawnmowers from major manufacturers including Husqvarna, Ambrogio, Worx, and Robomow. The small but mighty powerhouses can mow any size lawn and are surprisingly quiet — no more worries about angry neighbors on weekend mornings.

Robotic lawnmowers cut grass cleanly and precisely. You can be assured of uniform cuts to every single blade of grass, resulting in a lush, green lawn that you can enjoy for many months. During the winter months, all that is needed is some simple routine maintenance and your mower will be ready to get back to work in the spring.

Robotic lawnmowers also have no carbon footprint as they don’t run on fossil fuels and have zero emissions. The mowers truly are self-sufficient. They can sense when objects are ahead, maneuver around them, and automatically shut the blades off, which makes the mowers safe for handling and when around children and pets.

Robotic lawnmowers are also easy to store and have multiple theft-deterrent features. Installation is also easy; you can DIY or have one of Autmow’s professional installers do it for you. Since your robotic mower is an investment, we will make recommendations for maintenance to keep your mower running at peak performance.

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