Husqvarna Ceora

One of the biggest industry game changers to date, the Husqvarna Ceora is the wireless commercial robotic mowing solution we’ve all been waiting for.

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What is the Husqvarna Ceora?

The next generation of turf care management. A revolutionary step in autonomous lawn care on a commercial level that removes the need for physical boundary wires.


Through the use of Husqvarna’s EPOS (Exact Positioning Operating System), CEORA is no longer bound by the constraints of buried wire. This allows the working areas to be larger, easily modified, more robust and less prone to physical damage often seen in traditional units.



Drive Unit

Peak-performance robotic model for large-area mowing, featuring Husqvarna EPOS™ technology. Systematic, high-precision cutting tailored for optimized flexibility within virtual boundaries. Handles very large areas such as multiple sports fields, golf courses or large hotel, company or municipal facilities. Delivering a professional result on the turf, operating quietly and with zero emissions while in use.

Cutting Deck

The tailor-made CEORA™ cutting deck, Razor 43M, features a cutting system with three blade discs. Totally 15 high-speed steel razor blades keep the turf at an excellent quality level. Easy maintenance and handling is possible by an ergonomic and unique service position, meaning the cutting deck can quickly be tilted for easy access to exchange blade discs or for hose washable cleaning (IPX5 classified).

Flexible, virtual boundaries

With the satellite-based EPOS™ technology, there is no need for physical boundaries

Better Turf, Better planet

Battery-driven, virtually silent and minimizes your carbon footprint.

Always Connected

Remain in complete control of cutting areas, schedules & more with the Connect app and Fleet Services.

Spend less, get more done

CEORA provides you and your workforce with more time on other, more valuable tasks

Weather Ready

Continuous mowing no matter the time of day, rain or shine


Cut Patterns


Boundary Wires

Green results for all turf types.

Large scale precision mowing is now made easier with CEORA. Not only does it cover larger green spaces, but it also delivers cutting edge reults allowing for a significant scale up of operations to meet increasing demands on time, grass quality and sustainability.

The 27″ cutting deck of CEORA can be adjusted from .8″ to 2.8″ making quick work of any turf in it’s way. The wireless technology allows you to select from a range of programatic cutting patterns.

Pro Sports Quality

Up to 6 Acres

Everyday care of premium sports fields or golf courses at low cutting height.

Pro Quality

Up to 14 Acres

For sports fields and golf courses at medium ambition level, or facilities with high demands on grass quality.

Regular Quality

Up to 18 Acres

Large open fields with a lower demand on cut quality.

Watch CEORA in Action

Check out the Husqvarna CEORA EPOS Wireless robotic mower that Autmow worked to install through our partnership with ONU (Ohio Northern University). The video includes testimonial from Husqvarna representatives on capabilities of the unit, Autmow on our partnership with Husqvarna and ONU, as well as words from ONU on the importance of adopting sustainable innitiatives like CEORA.

Define your large-scale cutting schedule

Cutting in parallel tracks means CEORA™ is super-efficient when managing soccer fields or other large turf areas. You can also define work areas and set a schedule where various times and different cutting heights between 0.8 and 2.8 inches are specified. For example one field could be set for a morning cut, and another for an afternoon cut at a lower height. You choose your own schedule via Husqvarna Fleet Services™ app on your phone.

Future Oriented

CEORA is a robotic mower first and foremost. But Husqvarna’s vision is to accommodate long-term sustainable turf care in a multitude of ways. Hence, the exchangeable front unit that could make it possible to fit accessories such as a fairway deck or a striping unit in the future. There is also a rear accessory towing point on the drive unit, for future use.

Easy Maintenance

Easy maintenance and handling of CEORA is made possible by an ergonomic cutting deck service position. This can be tilted for easy access to exchange cutting discs, for example. It is also hose-washable (IPX5), meaning that any member of staff can quickly and effectively maintain a clean machine.

fleet connection husqvarna ceora
Constant Monitoring

Control the settings for any given area within the Husqvarna Connect App. Set the schedule, cutting height, pattern of cut and more. You can easily modify the existing areas, create new zones, stay-out zones all from your phone.

The Husqvarna Fleet Services app allows you to keep an eye on all of your machines at once. Get detailed performance statistics, error notifications, set service schedules, send commands to one or all connected devices and more from any device. 


The modern sports facility is the ideal arena for CEORA to show off its versatile skills. Most golf courses and sports fields require extra maintenance and expenses from fertilizing to watering and cutting. CEORA allows you to trim time and expenses while also enhancing the aesthetics of your turf.


Working as a facility manager or landscaper means that you often face a wide number of varying tasks throughout the workday. So how does one add value for customers and businesses? By investing in a robotic solution like CEORA to maintain beautiful, healthy grass areas with minimum time required for lawn management.


CEORA mows your way towards greener cities thanks to low noise levels and greatly reduced CO2 emissions, compared to conventional mowers. The moderate equipment costs and minimum labor needs also make both beneficial solutions for professionals employed by municipalities.

One Machine. Infinite Possibilities.

Thanks to their broad application range, Husqvarna autonomous solutions create huge opportunities for our commercial customers to scale up or refine their operations. Sports clubs, facility managers, municipalities, landscapers or anyone else involved in commercial turf care can benefit from everything from superb results and impressive terrain performance to the chance to save on both time and equipment costs.

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