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Whether we’re rumbling by in a car, blaring the stereo, or mowing the lawn, modern humans are great at “makin’ some noise!”

The truth is, no matter how much we love the sound of two stroke and leaf blowers, this increase in sound pollution causes real health consequences.

So if you’re a homeowner or own a commercial landscaping company, there are things you should know about the effects of a rumbly, noisy neighborhood.

But I love blaring Bob Seger while doing yard work! What’s the problem with noise?

We are surrounded by noise—especially in cities—and yet we often overlook its importance.

And it’s more than just a nuisance: noise is a serious public health problem that has serious repercussions. Just how big is the impact of noise on our health?

  • Well, let’s go through the facts. Health consequences of noise pollution include:​
  • Noise-induced severe hearing loss (people at younger and younger ages are experiencing hearing loss these days.)
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Depression
  • Stress (because we don’t need more of this!)

According to National Geographic, many children who live near noisy airports or streets have been found to suffer from stress and other problems, such as impairments in memory, attention level, hearing loss, and reading skills.

And noise pollution not only affects us humans, but can also cause health problems for wildlife, both on land and in the sea.

Guess you could say that it is impacting everyone and everything! The poor birds are laying fewer chicks, and the tiny caterpillars’ hearts are beating faster than ever.

The Scourge of Loud Lawn Mowers

Did you know that sounds that reach 85 decibels or higher can harm your hearing? Sound sources that exceed this threshold include familiar things, such as power lawn mowers (90 decibels), subway trains (90 to 115 decibels), and loud rock concerts (110 to 120 decibels).

Think about it — when you mow the lawn and do lawn care, are you blaring music through your headphones as you use the push mower?

Well, that just makes it worse.

The noise of the lawnmower is so loud that you have to crank up the volume on your headphones. That’s more than twice the amount of volume your ears should be enduring.
Not to mention your neighbors and fellow community members. Many community members have come together to discuss the ramifications of noise pollution and are calling for stricter regulations.

“Perhaps it has never occurred to people who hire cheap lawn maintenance services that they may be costing taxpayers more money down the road: what happens if, in twenty years, there is a wave of SSI claims for occupational hearing loss? Spending an entire working life with one of these contraptions strapped to one’s back is likely to cause musculoskeletal damage. An electric motor, however, vibrates considerably less than a two-stroke reciprocating engine.” – James Fallows

This may threaten the future of landscaping companies. Their livelihood revolves around making noise, for the most part.. Or do they?

What the heck can I do about it?

Ever heard of electric, autonomous lawn mowers?

Yeah, we thought so! If you haven’t, consider this a public service announcement.

Electric mowers are much quieter and allow commercial landscaping companies and homeowners to mow the lawn with a lot less noise.

Did we mention that they also don’t spew fumes?

The more you know!

Automatic robot mowers are the new-age electric mowers that get the job done quieter, better, and even with fewer allergies and air pollution.

The most significant benefit is that robot lawn mowers actually help to fertilize your lawn, which makes it look vibrant and green. This reduces the amount of added fertilizer needed to maintain a green and healthy lawn. This is due to the way that robot lawn mowers handle the grass clippings. It also means you don’t need to be outside enduring the loud noises!

Lastly, Automowers are significantly more quiet than traditional mowers, meaning you’re not going to contribute to neighborhood noise. They are safer, more environmentally friendly, and are way more convenient. 

Autonomous Lawn Mowers are here to make your neighborhood more peaceful 

robotic lawn mowers make neighborhoods quieter

Reducing noise is a collective task and community members can take an active role. If you are asking yourself, “What Can Be Done?”, head to our online comparison tool to discover which auto mower is right for you! Together, noise pollution can decrease and the health benefits of our friends and family will increase!