The robotic lawn care industry is buzzing, and no, not because one of the robot mowers just ran over a beehive. (DAD JOKE ALERT!) Instead, autonomous lawn care enthusiasts are excited about the new Mammotion Luba 2 robotic mower line.

Part of the excitement stems from the fact that the Luba 1 line already showed incredible promise, especially thanks to the AWD system. We tested the Luba 1 on slopes and found that it outperformed its competitors.  

The newest model was only going to be better, thanks to all the upgrades for the Luba 2 compared to the Luba 1

But now that some have actually shipped, what are consumers saying about how it performs in the real world?  We wanted to find out. So we combed through the early Luba 2 reviews to find out and have summarized the results below. As you can imagine, the results are somewhat mixed so early after initial release. However, the Luba 2 reviews show that it has the potential to be one of the best robotic mowers released so far.

The Positives in the Luba 2 Reviews

As you can probably imagine, early users of the Luba 2 have pointed out several things they like about the new model. Below, we list the most common four positives that we have seen in the Luba 2 reviews.

Easy Unboxing and Assembly Process

First impressions matter in life. The Luba 2 reviews show that Mammotion understands that. Users report that the box is well-laid-out. And when you first open the outer box, you will find a set of instructions for assembling your Luba 2. As long as you follow those, the process is very easy. Everything is clearly labeled.

Even Quieter Performance 

Several Luba 2 reviews, as evidenced by the comment of this user, have noted that the Luba 2 seems even quieter than the Luba 1. 

Why does this matter? Well, one of the main appeals of any robotic mower is how much less noise pollution they cause than traditional lawn equipment. So if the Luba 2 is even quieter than the Luba 1, that’s even less disruption for you and your neighbors. Or, if you want to use the Luba 2 on commercial/municipal property, it’s less disruption for everyone using the space.

Anti-theft System

This one made us laugh a bit. At first, this YouTube user posted a video thinking that it was a bug that the Luba 2 could run without the security key. But as everyone quickly pointed out in the comments, that is a fantastic new feature.

Even without the security key, the mower retains power. The wheels will not turn, however, and the blades will not rotate without the key. 

The point of this is to keep the GPS functionality operational even without the security key. So if someone tries to swipe your Luba 2, you can just track it down using the GPS, even if they try to remove the key.

Handling Slopes, Tough Grass, and Rough Terrain

A lot of the users that have Luba 2 reviews out right now are not placing the robotic mower on their lawns. Their lawns are a bit too wet and muddy still after the winter. But of course, they can’t wait to try out their new toy. So, they have often been testing them in local fields.

What do these fields typically have in common? Big ol’ tufts of grass, steep slopes, and rocky terrain. 

However, users report being extremely impressed with Luba 2’s ability to handle these difficult landscapes. 

Of course, we aren’t surprised. In fact, when we tested the Luba 1 on slopes, we came away very impressed. Still, it’s nice to know that the new model hasn’t regressed in any way.

Looking Forward to New Features

The most common emotion we detected in the Luba 2 user reviews was eager anticipation. People were excited for all of the new features to finish launching. 

In particular, users were excited for the yard printing and the vision system to become fully enabled. Both come standard with all Luba 2 models. However, Mammotion has not released them yet, planning to by April. Given that these features are two new ones, and that they are highly touted, you can understand why users are hoping to see them soon.

Luba 2 Reviews: Area for Improvement

But of course, we have never seen any product that didn’t have at least some critical reviews. (Besides our Autmow polos, of course; those are stylish AND comfortable!) In the Luba 2 reviews, the most common complaint actually relates to the last positive we mentioned above. 

What do we mean by that? Well, the Luba 2 reviews that are critical relate to growing pains. The new app upgrade can be glitchy at times, in a variety of ways. We know that the Mammotion team listens to customer feedback and is working hard to correct any issues. But still, if you are an early adopter, being the ones to discover the glitches can be frustrating. 

Similarly, some users have reported issues with mapping. This complaint takes two forms. Some Luba 2 buyers are having trouble setting up their maps. Others feel that the Luba 2’s mowing patterns aren’t as efficient as they should be.

The other common complaint we have seen in Luba 2 reviews online is that the mower can have difficulty connecting to wifi.

One final area that we want point out is the 4G connectivity. While commercial use for the Luba 2 looks to be potentially more viable than ever, it may be delayed as 4G plans and options take shape.

Summarizing the Luba 2 Reviews

Putting all the Luba 2 reviews that we read together, we think the fairest grade to give is an Incomplete. Overall, there is a lot to like about this new Mammotion machine. However, we won’t know for sure how well it meets its potential until all the features are released and all the app bugs are ironed out.

In short, we feel like this Reddit commenter put it best. You will have to be more patient with the Luba 2’s setup than you will later in the season. However, after the robotic mower gets started, its mowing performance is quite impressive.

The good news is that within a month or so (when Autmow plans to begin shipping), all of Luba 2’s features should be available. And by that time, the kinks should be worked out as well. And if you buy from Autmow, then to whatever extent you run into any problems, our world-class customer service team will be there to support you.

If you are interested, you can see even more information about and even order a Luba 2 from us.

And just as soon as we have access to all of its features, we will be sure to put out a video of our own Luba 2 review. And don’t worry: we will be sure to avoid those beehives.