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Where Should I Buy My Robotic Mower? A Tale of Two Customers

Where should you buy a robotic mower? A specialized robot mower dealer is the best option.

April 29, 2024

So, you want to buy a robotic mower?  That makes sense. (As you might know, we happen to think they are pretty awesome.)  

Well, as is usually the case in our modern world, you have plenty of options. In many ways, though, these options boil down to two different types of retailers. You can buy a robotic mower from a big retailer. Or, you can buy from a dealer who specializes in robotic lawn equipment.

What’s the difference?  Not the cost. Robotic lawn mower prices are very similar in either case. Similarly, you will likely find most of the top robotic mower brands with either decision. 

To illustrate what the differences are, then, we made a little video, using completely authentic interviews of two customers: one who chose a general retailer and one who chose a specialized dealer (Autmow). 

You can see the video below. Or read on, and we will summarize the main points underneath.

Which Model of Robotic Mower to Buy?

If you love spreadsheets, hours of internet research, and still not being 100% sure that you made the right choice, then yes, buying a robotic mower from a general retailer may be a great fit for you.

But if you prefer a process that is much more frictionless—and one where you have way more confidence in your selection—a specialized robotic mower dealer is the better choice.

Here at Autmow, we have been working with robotic mowers since we first started. We have already done (and constantly continue to do) all the research on which models work best for different scenarios. So if you let us know a little bit about your lawn and your situation (acreage, potential obstacles, slopes, budget, etc.), we can recommend the right robotic lawn mower for you.  

Or, even easier, we can come out and inspect your property and let you know what the right mower would be for your situation. For example, we do a robotic mower feasibility study for commercial properties

Honestly, we will even tell you if we don’t think robotic mowing is the right choice for you. We truly want to help you get the best return on your investment. 

Think most general retailers are helping customers make informed decisions about buying a robotic mower? Yeah, we don’t either.

Installing the Robotic Mower

Imagine going to IKEA and getting a dresser for your room, the Fläutven. Of course, it comes in 10 flat boxes, with a hex key and 45 various fasteners. It also comes with the instruction manual written completely in ambiguous pictures.

Will you get your Fläutven put together eventually? Yes. Will you feel 100% confident that you did it exactly as intended? Maaaybe.

But imagine you had an IKEA associate put it together for you (pro dad tip: that IS an option!) Would they do it a lot faster? Would you have much more confidence that it was done as designed?  Yes and…let’s be honest…yes.

It’s not that the furniture is incredibly hard to put together (it is made to be user-friendly, after all!) It’s just that someone who has done it over and over again is going to be much more efficient. He or she will already know some of the common areas to troubleshoot.

What happens after you buy a robotic mower?

The same is true with a robot mower. If you order it online or get it from a store, will you ultimately be able to set up the lawn mower itself and set up your property map? Yes. They are designed to be user-friendly. However, you will probably need some trial and error before you get there.

But if you buy your robotic mower from a specialized dealer, the process is much more efficient. If you buy a robotic mower from Autmow, for example, we can come out and handle all aspects of installation. We have installed so many that we know all of the troubleshooting already. We already did the trial-and-error; we just did it many years ago. (After we walked to robotic mower school uphill both ways, but we will tell you about that another day.) 

We will also take the time to show you all of the functions of your new investment. We won’t leave until we know that you feel comfortable.

Troubleshooting After You Buy a Robotic Mower

That said, no matter where you buy your robot lawn mower from, you could still encounter a problem somewhere in its lifetime. You forget how to access a feature, the app develops a glitch, the mower keeps getting stuck in a certain spot…the possibilities are vast. 

Can you head back to the store or reach out to the Amazon customer service rep to get some support? Nope. (Though you would get a blank stare or a copied-and-pasted message about the return policy, and those are always fun.)

Could you call your specialized dealer to get answers? Absolutely. And if the solution was something that needed support from the manufacturer, we would help walk you through that process too.

Maintaining Your Robotic Mower

Regular maintenance of your robot lawn mower is important, just as it is with traditional lawn equipment. And this is yet one more area where a specialized robotic mower dealer can help you.

For example, Autmow offers the MaintainMe program. Every six weeks, we come out to change the blades and just make sure everything is running smoothly. In late fall, we do an even more comprehensive clean and diagnostic check, and then we will store your robotic mower for the winter. If your mower uses a boundary wire, we will also fix line breaks up to twice per year.

In contrast, we went into a local retailer and asked if they would change our lawn mower’s blades for us and do some cleaning/maintenance. The good news is that the restraining order we got only lasts 2 years.

The Autmow Difference

At Autmow, we are completely dedicated to robotics, beautiful turf and satisfied customers. We have years of expertise built up, and we are here to help our customers through all facets of having and using a robotic mower. We see our job as a simple one: to help our customers find the absolute best solution for their needs.

In short, being a specialized dealer allows us to be completely focused on providing solutions, resources, and support to a customer, not just peddling our wares. That’s the difference.

Though if you watched our video with those interviews of very real (and, objectively speaking, very handsome) customers, you already know this.

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