Maintaining the grass on a commercial property is brutal right now. Prices on fuel are sky-high. The labor shortage means that you often have to cover the same amount of ground with less staff. Many jurisdictions are banning gas-powered equipment

Could using a robotic lawn mower be the solution to your needs? If so, where do you start if you don’t have a lot of experience with robotic lawn care?

The Autmow feasibility study is designed to help groundskeepers and golf course managers answer these very questions. We can help you decide where robotic mowing will be most beneficial on your property. We can also help you get the best solution for your needs. Finally, we can help answer all your questions to help you be fully prepared to implement robotic lawn care.

The good news is that there is no situation that we have not seen in all of our years working with robotic mowers. With our feasibility study, you can relax and entrust us to get you set up right.

Learn all about this great service below.

What Is an Autmow Feasibility Study for commercial property?

Our feasibility study is a pretty straightforward concept. We will come to you and examine your commercial property. That way, we can help determine what robotic lawn care solutions are the best fit for you. And truly, if the answer is none, we will be honest about that. We aren’t going to be pushy salespeople peddling something you don’t need. We will give you an honest assessment of your property and where a robot lawn mower might help you maximize your efficiency.

Let’s walk through the process step by step.


When we first arrive, we walk around your property with you. At that stage, we do something that others generally don’t: we listen. We hear your needs and your hopes so that we know how robotic lawn care can help.

Giving Our Assessment

After we’ve walked the property, we will identify the areas where robotic mowing would make the most sense for you. What determines that for us? Three little words. Nope, those words are not sell, sell, sell like others might say. Our three words are Return on Investment.

We want to find areas where a robotic lawn mower will be more efficient for you. We want to find areas where you will save more in fuel and labor than you will pay for a robot mower. If we don’t think you will, we won’t recommend robotic mowing for that section of your commercial property. It’s as simple as that.


If you decide at this point that you want to move forward with robotic mowing for your commercial property, we will help you flag those mowing areas. 

We will also go over what percentage of your commercial property is now going to be handled by the robotic mowers. Knowing that percentage will help you decide upon what other labor you might need for grass maintenance.

Finally, we will help you determine which robotic mowers might be the best for you. We have performed thorough comparisons of robotic mowers, so we know which ones best fit different types of grass, terrains, square footages, etc.

The Nitty Gritty

First off, let’s be clear. Nitty gritty does not refer to that dance our kids keep telling us about.  Instead, at this point, we get down to the smaller details with you. That way, we can help ensure that robotic mowing is the most successful it can be on your commercial property.

At this point, we give you an estimate of what you can expect your electrical costs to be because of your robotic lawn mower(s).  (Spoiler alert: it’s usually quite low, especially compared to fuel costs!) 

We also go over ways that you can install landscaping/hardscaping to minimize blowing and trimming needs. Even if your landscaping/hardscaping is already finished, we can help you determine the best way to set up robotic lawn care to minimize blowing and trimming needs.

Is an Autmow Feasibility Study Right for My Commercial Property?

Our commercial clients will often ask if we think they should do the feasibility study. The way we think about this question is like this. When something breaks at our house, we have to decide our best course of action. If it’s a window screen, we know what to do. If the dishwasher isn’t draining, we can read a webpage or watch a video and figure out what to do. If our washing machine is making a crazy clunking sound, and we would have to take the whole thing apart to find the source…we are calling in an expert.

At Autmow, our goals when we do a feasibility study are two-fold:

  1. Make sure you get the best solution for your specific needs.
  2. Minimize any issues you might have with your set up.

In short, we want to be sure that you have peace of mind with robotic mowing on your commercial property. That includes both peace of mind that you are making an informed purchasing decision and peace of mind knowing that experts helped you set up.

But of course, if you already have a lot of background knowledge, you may not need our expertise. If that’s the case, we get it. No offense taken.

How Can I Get a Robotic Mowing Feasibility Study for My Commercial Property?

If a feasibility study feels like the right fit for your commercial property, contact Autmow today. We will send out a robotic mowing expert to go over your grass maintenance needs. 

We know that getting to meet some of your favorite YouTube stars in person is already good news. Even better news, no matter how intricate your property’s needs and no matter how many questions you have, your price remains the same. See, we know how important it is for a business to be able to have a clear sense of cost beforehand rather than be surprised by a bill afterward. So that is always our goal.

You might even say that we want you to know up front whether or not committing to our visit is…feasible. But that would be a dad joke. And we would never, ever want to crack one of those.