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The Most Cost-Effective Robotic Mowers: High Quality, Lower Price Point

June 17, 2024

When a trailblazing company releases a new technology for sale, the price is normally incredibly high. But then, as more supply enters the market and companies find ways to manufacture more efficiently, the price goes down. For example, the first cell phone was about $4,000. But 10 years later, new cell phones were selling for only $900.  

The same is true for robotic mowers. Many people aren’t familiar with them (especially in America), so they feel like a brand-new technology that would be incredibly expensive. But that isn’t the case any longer. There are many cost-effective robotic mowers on the market in the US right now. 

Of course, when you talk about more affordable robotic mowers, that can give some people a negative impression. Consumers sometimes associate the cheapest robotic lawn mowers with low quality. That may be the case sometimes. But many of the more affordable robot mowers are still some of the best on the market.  

How do you know which budget robotic mower to buy without sacrificing quality?  We are here to help. Here are our favorite robotic lawn mowers for under $5K.

Best for Steep Slopes: Mammotion Luba 2 AWD 5000H

If you are mowing a property with a lot of hills, the Luba models from Mammotion are tough to beat. Both the original line of Luba robotic mowers and the new Luba 2 models are exceptional at handling slopes. In fact, they are rated for slopes as steep as 68° (80%).  

What makes the Luba perform so well on hills? A few innovations. One, the multi-point turn system. Two, the dual-blade cutting system, which helps maintain an even cut despite steep slopes. But the biggest advantage that Luba has over other models is an all-wheel drive system to power up hills.

We are specifically highlighting the Luba 2 5000H, which comes in at under $2,900. The original Luba is a fantastic model, but the Luba 2 has a few new features that come standard. (You can read about the differences between Luba 1 and. Luba 2 in another post.) Also, we like the flexibility of a higher cut if you have really steep slopes. However, Mammotion sells all models as both high-cut and regular-cut, so you can choose what is right for you.

Finally, we highlight the 5000 model because it fits most properties, designed to cover 1.25 acres. (And if you have slopes, you usually want to aim for a model that can cover more than the acreage you actually have. Why? Because climbing slopes does take more battery power. You can read more about this in our video and blog about installing Husqvarna robotic mowers on complex properties.) However, the models meant for smaller lawns cost even less.  Even the Luba 2 that covers the largest area (2.5 acres) costs less than the $5,000 threshold we are using to identify a cost-effective robotic mower.

You can see the full line of Mammotion robotic mowers on the Autmow site.

  • Cost – $2,899.99
  • Acres – 1.25
  • Max Slope – 68°

Best for a Trusted Name: Husqvarna 520 EPOS

Don’t get us wrong: we would not place any model on our list of affordable robotic mowers unless it was high-quality. However, we have to admit that of all the manufacturers of robotic mowers, Husqvarna is the most well-known. After all, they have been making lawn equipment (and more!) for over 100 years.

Plus, Husqvarna was actually the first company to launch a fully robotic lawnmower—all the way back in 1995!

Put it all together and it’s no wonder why Husqvarna is the world’s best-selling robot lawn mower brand. 

If you are looking for a Husqvarna wireless model, the 520 EPOS (also available in a high-cut version) is the most cost-effective choice, as it is the only one that costs less than $5,000. (As we point out below, though, if you are interested in a model with boundary wires, Husqvarna has a lot of great models available.) If your property is relatively open and relatively flat, the 520 EPOS is an especially great choice.

Now that we have given you some general thoughts about the 520 EPOS, here are a few most specifics to help you make your decision:

  • Cost – $3,299.99 (reference station is an additional $899.99)
  • Acres – .75 (random pattern)/1.25 (systematic pattern)
  • Max Slope – 24°

Best for Complex Lawns with Tight Spaces: Sunseeker Orion X7 Plus

As opposed to Husqvarna, the next entry on our list comes from a relative newcomer to the robotic mowing space. Sometimes, newer entrants offer some interesting innovations, and that is what the Sunseeker Orion X7 Plus brings to the table.

During the testing we ran for our review of the Sunseeker robotic mower, we were particularly impressed by two such innovations. We loved the three-wheel design and the suspension built into the front tires. Combined with the floating cut deck and the multiple mapping features (AI, RTK, and vision), this design makes the Sunseeker Orion X7 very agile. During our testing, we noticed that the Orion X7 could get closer to obstacles than other mowers we have reviewed. And the more that it goes over your property, the better it will do.

We are highlighting the Orion X7 Plus in this section because again, it fits most lawns, covering up to 1.5 acres. That particular model runs under $3,000. However, if you have a smaller lawn, you can save some money by getting the model designed for .75 acres. Even if you would prefer the X7 Pro, which covers up to 3 acres, you will still be spending far less than $5K. (The X7 Pro retails for $3,999.99.)

And though it is not quite as much of a mountain goat as the Luba, the Orion X7 can handle some pretty steep grades itself: 70% (35°).

  • Cost – $2,999.99
  • Acres – 1.5
  • Max Slope – 35°

Best For small lawns: segway navimow i110N

The Segway Navimow is another relative newcomer to the industry. (And yes, it is made by the same company that produces those cool electric scooter things.) As we mentioned above, when new companies start producing robotic mowers, they are hoping to add something new to the market. Segway Inc. markets the Navimow as the right fit for someone with a small lawn looking for a cost-effective robotic mower. Thus it’s the perfect fit for our list!

The Navimow i110N is the slightly larger of the two Segway robotic mower models. It covers .25 acres and costs $1,299.99. The Navimow only climbs slopes up to 16, so this robotic mower is definitely intended for relatively simple lawns. And if you only need the smaller model—which covers 1/8 acre—you can get it for under $1,000.

Even though the Segway Navimow is a smaller and less-expensive robotic mower, don’t be lulled into thinking that it is an unimpressive machine. In fact, we find it to be quite a capable mower. We especially love the AI-assisted mapping and the obstacle recognition/avoidance system.

In short, if you have a smaller lawn, this is a great fit for you. It has all the functions you need for a great cut, and it’s hassle-free. And of course, it’s the most affordable robotic mower on the market today.

  • Cost – $1,299.99
  • Acres – .25
  • Max Slope – 16°

Best for Those Who Prefer a Wired Model: Husqvarna Automower 450X

Though wireless robotic mowers are all the rage, they aren’t the right fit for everyone. For example, some people choose models with boundary wires because their property has a lot of tree cover, making it hard to connect to a reference station. Others choose models with boundary wire because they tend to be less expensive robotic mowers.

Whatever the reason you are looking for a wired model, we recommend the Husqvarna Automower 450X to get the most bang for your buck. (Or the 450XH, if you want a high-cut model.) The Automower 450X can cover 1.25 acres up to a slope of 24°. And the cost is under $3,300.  And if you have a smaller yard, the Automower 415X is less than $2,000. In other words, you can get a robotic mower brand renowned for quality at the second-lowest price point on this list.

  • Cost – $2,999.99
  • Acres – 1.25
  • Max Slope – 24°

Not Sure Which Cost-Effective Robotic Mower Is Right for You?

Perhaps you are feeling confident right now that one of the models we have described here is the perfect fit for you. However, there are many factors to consider before you make a big investment like this. We understand that completely.  Give us a call to discuss your property, and we will be happy to assist. Or, we can come on out to see for ourselves and make a recommendation from there. Either way, we will make sure you end up with the right solution for your needs.

Oh, and just in case you didn’t believe our cell phone statistic from the beginning, you can see this fancy chart for yourself. But please know, we would never lie to you, dear reader.

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