Those of you who follow our blogs and our YouTube videos (hi Mom!) know that we are big fans of the Mammotion Luba line of robotic mowers. In particular, we have always recommended the Luba for properties with steeper slopes. Well, in our industry, the technology is ever-changing, and Mammotion has just released the next iteration of their best-selling robotic mower, dropping the Luba 2 in January.

But of course, that release leads automated lawn mower enthusiasts like us to ask one fundamental question: Is the Luba 2 worth it?  What exactly is new and improved in this line?

Our short answer is that yes, we do think it’s worth it. However, if you already have a Luba 1, some of the new features are actually available now on that model. So, you will want to explore those options before deciding what is the right move for you.

Of course, we will dive deeply into why we recommend the Luba 2 below. And, we will explain some of the new upgrades you can add to your Luba 1 as well.

Luba 2 Price

One reason we would recommend the Luba 2 is because the price really hasn’t gone up much.  In fact, we were surprised to see that for the three model sizes that are the same between Luba 1 and Luba 2, Luba 2 is only costing $100-$200 more.  In other words, you get the new features of the Luba 2 for about the price of inflation

We will dig into that a little more while also discussing the different Luba 2 models available below.

Luba 2 Models and Prices, Compared to Luba 1

In the chart below, we lay out the different models of the Luba 2 available and their prices. We compare that to the Luba 1 models.  

Before the chart, however, here are a few important notes:

First, when we differentiate the Luba 2 models, we are going to refer to the maximum recommended mowing capacity. There are other minor differences in specs. (For example, the mower with the lowest capacity doesn’t last quite as long on a single charge.) However, what mainly distinguishes the models is how much area they can handle. That almost always determines which model you should consider for your property.

Second, when we look at Luba 2, we aren’t distinguishing here between the standard models and the high-cut models.  But that is an important and exciting development over Luba 1. Mammotion does offer all of these Luba 2 models in a high-cut version. What’s the difference? Only the cut heights. A standard model goes from 1”-2.7,” while the high-cut model cuts from 2.4”-4.” So if you like maintaining a higher grass, or you have some roots that stick out over your property, you should consider the Luba 2H models. But the prices and other specs remain the same across both versions.

Finally, you will likely notice, you astute reader you, that Luba 2 has an additional model that was not available in the Luba 1 series.

On to our handy, dandy chart!

Luba ModelAcreageLuba 1 MSRPLuba 2 MSRP

Differences Between Luba 1 and Luba 2

Even if the Luba 2’s price is only a bit more than the Luba 1, it’s still more. And if you are paying more, you expect more. Well, Mammotion does not disappoint. The Luba 2 has several new features that improve upon what was already one of the best robotic mowers in the industry. Let’s highlight some of the key upgrades:

Vision System

To us, this is the most impactful difference between Luba 1 and Luba 2. The Luba 2 has added a 3D vision system. (And the official Mammotion press release about the Luba 2 mentions the vision system several times, so clearly they agree with us that this is a big deal.)

Why is this new Luba vision system helpful?  Well, it allows for several improvements (at least during daylight hours). First, you get better navigation. If the Luba 2 loses connection with the RTK system for whatever reason, it can use the vision system to know right where it is and carry on. Second, you get an added layer of obstacle avoidance. Though the ultrasonic radar and the physical bumper are already fantastic, you get even more assurance with the vision system. Finally, the Luba vision system even allows for surveillance. You can access the camera through the app to see what your Luba 2 is up to—and make sure that no one took it.

New pattern cutting 

Yes, we will admit that this upgrade is mostly about aesthetics, but still, it is really damn cool. Since we are all about stripies, the fact that Luba 2 can do diamond patterns had us like, “We are just a company, standing in front of a Luba 2, asking it to love us.”

But the Luba 2 doesn’t just do diamond patterns. You can ask it to write words (such as “I love Autmow!”) in the grass and tell it where. In fact, you can create any design you would like in the app. After just a mow or two, you will see that pattern emerge in all its bladed glory.

So yes, we are enamored in part just because Luba 2 has brought some really cool state-of-the-art technology to robotic mowers. However, this new pattern cutting does have some great uses for commercial applications (think baseball fields or logos on corporate campuses.) And more available patterns means the Luba 2 can help find even more efficient ways to mow your property.

Better Chip

The Luba 2 has upgraded from an MCU to an SOC. As much as we wish MCU had to do with superheroes (because, seriously, how much more frickin’ awesome would that make robotic mowers!), alas, that is not the case. It stands for micro-controller unit, and that is what controls the Luba 1. The Luba 2, on the other hand, uses a System on a Chip. 

You can read more in-depth about the difference between an MCU and SOC here. However, we can summarize a few advantages of the SOC. It has increased memory, increased storage capacity, and faster processing speed. What do those upgrades do for a robotic mower? In short, you get better overall performance and more functions.

Voice Control

Yes, you can control at least some functions of the Luba 2 with your voice, assuming you have an Amazon Alexa device or a Google Home device. (And let’s face it: if you are cutting edge enough to have a robot lawn mower, you probably have one of those devices.)

How might that be useful?  Well, let’s say that you called the digger’s hotline to mark buried wires in your yard. They show up right at the moment that your Luba 2 is doing its thing. Rather than having the Luba constantly stopping and starting to avoid the person with the spray paint, thus ruining the pattern, you could simply say, “Alexa, tell Luba to stop mowing.”

Other upgrades

We consider the differences between the Luba 1 and the Luba 2 that we laid out above to be the most significant. However, they are not the only ones. Here are a few more upgrades in the latest Lubas:

  • Upgraded bumper, wheels, and front/rear axles
  • Better waterproofing and corrosion protection for both the Luba 2 and the base
  • New anti-theft measures
  • Better maps with even more features
  • A new solar charging option for the reference station
  • Smaller blade guards (in order to reduce grass buildup)
  • Higher maximum number of zones you can create within your property
  • 4G capable (network details to come as they become available)
  • Ability to set no-mow times

And even that list is not exhaustive. The bottom line is that Mammotion really listened to customer feedback and found ways to make an already impressive robotic lawn mower even better.

Solar charging panel for the Luba RTK reference station
Solar charging panel for the Luba RTK reference station

Luba 1 Upgrades

If you currently own a Luba 1 and are feeling a bit of FOMO, we get it. It’s always hard when the next model of a product comes out, and you are left to answer the age-old question: to upgrade or not to upgrade?

Luckily, Mammotion helps ease some of the angst by giving Luba 1 owners the ability to add in at least some of these new features on those models. 

And the good news is that many of the upgrades are free, simply due to the new app features. For example, the ability to set no-mow times, the ability to create diamond patterns, the improved maps, and the voice control system are all now available for Luba 1. 

If you wish, you can also purchase a solar charging panel for the Luba 1 reference station, along with a small adapter. That will run you around $300. And to be fair, Luba 2 owners have to spend the same if they want the solar panel addition.

That still leaves some features that are only available on the Luba 2 (including the ability to make advanced patterns, the vision system, and the upgraded parts). However, it is nice to know that Mammotion is doing what it can to bring the best features to all of its customers.

How to Order the Luba 2

If you are in the market for a robotic mower, we would definitely recommend the Luba 2 for most properties. It is a very impressive robotic mower at a very reasonable price. 

If you are interested in learning more, you can find even more pictures and specs on any of our pages devoted to a Luba 2 robotic mower. Or of course, you can always contact us. One thing you know for sure is that if you purchase from Autmow, we will give you all the customer tech support you can’t get anywhere else.  (Proof! Check out our expert, David, troubleshooting some common Luba issues.)

Now, if you will excuse us, we are going to be over here absolutely mesmerized by the diamond patterns.