Are you worried about autonomous lawn mower safety when it comes to your dog?

Luckily, you don’t have to worry about your dog getting in the way of — or getting hurt by — your robotic lawnmower.

Because here’s the truth: while dogs might be curious about what this “thing” rumbling across their lawn is, they soon lose interest to sniff a tree or dig in the dirt.

Dogs won’t really care about your new robotic lawn mower

The good news is that your dog might be mildly curious at first, and then the novelty wears off.

“There goes that robot thing. Let me watch it for a minute. Oh wait, better chase my tail instead.”

Remember, animals lead by their sense of sound and smell. Your dog knows your robot is an inanimate object. It surely doesn’t smell like any animal she has ever met, so it won’t “register” as a threat or as another animal.

Robotic mowers have sensors for safety

Traditional lawn mowers can be quite dangerous for dogs and kids, and cause more than 6,000 emergency room trips each year. No wonder there are hundreds of articles online that feature safety tips when it comes to protecting your dogs and kids each time you mow the lawn.

But what happens when your dog — or kid — gets too close to your robotic lawn mower?

Really, nothing.

Your autonomous lawnmower has sensors that allow the blades to stop when lifted, and help them work their way around obstacles.

So it might bump into your dog’s butt … but then it’ll trundle away without incident.

So while you think of your pet as family, your robot will sense it like any other obstacle.

When Fido comes barking in your robot’s direction, it will know he’s there. And then it will stop, and redirect. And move away from your furry beast.

Mowers have a soft front bumper.

So maybe you’re not yet convinced that your pet is not savvy enough to avoid a collision with your robot mower. After all, he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Never fear. Because even if the worst case scenario (gasp: a COLLISION) does occur, your pet will be safe. That’s because your mower has a soft front bumper. 

If your mower hits kitty, she will still escape with all nine lives. Your mower simply taps any obstacle with its soft front bumper and redirects. 

That way, she’ll be no worse for wear. 

Robotic Lawn Mower Dog Safety

In a nutshell, your robotic lawn mower will get along just fine with your dog. Robotic lawn mower pet safety is just part of having a smart home.

First, your pet will not be scared or intimidated. Robot mowers tend not to spook animals. And your pet will sense that your robot is not an invader.

Additionally, they come with so many safety features. So even if your pet doesn’t “socially distance” from your robot mower, he won’t get hurt. 

Robot mowers are designed to keep your family safe. And that means keeping your family pet safe as well.

Now if your robot mower could just learn how to throw a frisbee. He may just become Fido’s new best friend.