Young girl in a pink dress sitting in the tree.

Your robot mower makes your life easier and gives you back free time. But here’s something that might surprise you: your robotic lawn mower is best for keeping your family safe. 

Psychologically, it might feel better to supervise your mower’s every move. After all, you are the protector of the family. 

But autonomous mowers are equipped with modern technology that helps them better adjust for real life challenges. This means they’ll turn around or stop to avoid crashing. And this makes them best for child safety.

The safety record for robot mowers

Conventional lawn mowers are dangerous. Even when you’re there to supervise them.

In fact, a review of lawn mower safety from May 2020 looked at accident data from 2005 to 2017. And there were consistently high numbers of lawn mower accidents involving children and conventional mowers. This was despite improved safety guidelines.

But this isn’t the case for robot mowers. In fact, they have a really clean record for child safety, with NO incidences of children or pets getting hurt. That’s because they can adapt to the whims of your children much faster than even you!

Let’s face it. You don’t have eyes in the back of your head. Your mower does. 

Here are some of the safety features of robot mowers that make them the safest choice. 

​Safety Sensors

Your robot mower has sensors that allow it create a three-dimensional picture of its surroundings. These help it differentiate between people and other obstacles. And this helps it adjust.

Many robot mowers have the ability to react to obstacles by slowing and stopping. They will allow them to change direction and move away. Or they will just stop altogether. 

So when there’s a child or small animal nearby, your robot will just turn off. You don’t need to tell it. Your robot just knows child safety and will  readjust. 

Lift Sensors

Kids are curious. So you might be worried they’ll want to know a little more about the new robot in the neighborhood. But you don’t have to worry about them getting hurt if they try to introduce themselves while it’s working

Let’s say they try to lift the mower. Don’t worry – they won’t lose a finger. Your robot is built with sensors that make it turn off as soon as it leaves the ground. So your children can get up close and personal without concern.

Soft Front Bumper

Maybe your child doesn’t walk into your robot. Maybe instead, your child is playing in your robot’s path.

The good news is, your robot mower’s design helps it handle that scenario. First, your mower has a soft front bumper. This helps it avoid collisions.

Additionally, this bumper is enhanced with accelerometers which help your mower further detect obstacles. This keeps your kids safe as well as keeps your robot reacting and safely moving.

Sonar Detection

Your robot’s sonar sensors are integral to its ability to avoid collisions. Much of what makes these robots so safe is their ability to react to real world obstacles. 

The sonar detection system allows your mower to perceive obstacles in its path. And this sends a chain reaction throughout your mower that lets it react, and adjust. 

This is another reason robot mowers are so good for child safety. They sense what’s coming in real time.

Blade Safety ​

The blades on your robot mower further enhance child safety. First, they’re not as strong as the blades on the conventional mower. 

They will immediately stop if they come into contact with a foreign, non-grassy object. So no matter how out of control your kids get, your robot mower has them protected. 

Plus robot mower blades don’t throw stones. This is not only great for your windows. You can have peace of mind if your kids are playing near your mower.

Bottom line about safety

Robot mowers are smart technology that increase child safety. Conventional mowers send thousands of children to the emergency room year after year. Robot mowers don’t. 

You kids may see you as Superman. But you can’t be everywhere at once. Your robot has sensors that observe what’s coming from every direction. And this allows them to react and readjust.

Your robot mower might not be there at night to read your child a bedtime story. But while your kids are playing in the yard, your robot mower is a strong protector.