Professional turf care just took a huge jump with the introduction of the Husqvarna CEORA™ EPOS, an automated, robotic lawn mower that delivers a highly efficient, emission-free, and low-noise grass and turf management solution. But the big news? This glorious machine mows larger properties than ever… without boundary wires, and with larger, more-flexible-than-ever work areas.

Meet the Husqvarna CEORA™ EPOS

This powerful, versatile robotic mower – it resembles a remote-control racing car – covers areas up to an equivalent of eight football fields (6 acres!) in a day. It’s fully automated – no need to go outside in the heat or cold to start it up!

Husqvarna CEORA™ EPOS is designed for large-scale properties. Think: university and medical campuses, sports complexes, and municipalities. It’s equipped with safer blades to minimize accidents and lawn or turf damage. 

​​↣ Husqvarna Automower® Tackles Even the Toughest Terrain

Another cool feature? The engineers at Husqvarna designed the CEORA™ EPOS to be modular. This means that in the future, owners could equip the machine for new accessories and capabilities that go far beyond mowing. We’re not sure what these cool modular features will be yet – golf ball collection? Lawn striping? Aeration? Only time will tell. 

The Husqvarna CEORA™ EPOS will help its owners offset staffing shortages, better use their staff’s available time, reduce maintenance costs, and more, compared to using conventional, ride-on mowers.

Given the rise in gas prices and California’s new legislation around small engines (also considering the industry shift to electric power), the CEORA™ EPOS is fit for the future.

How Does Husqvarna CEORA™ EPOS Work?

The Husqvarna CEORA™ EPOS is wireless, battery powered with automatic charging and managed via the Connect App on phone & Fleet Services through any device. 

The CEORA™ EPOS works with groundbreaking and patented Exact Position Operating System (hence the EPOSTM) technology that communicates wirelessly with satellites connected to reference stations placed around the property. These stations receive a signal that corrects the unit’s location to within a few centimeters to ensure it only works where an area has been defined, and when the machine is scheduled to operate. This review from the Lawn Care Pros blog is a good overview of EPOS.

What the Pros Know about the Husqvarna EPOS

It all sounds complicated, but under ideal conditions, everything works quickly and efficiently through an app downloaded to a smartphone or tablet. From there, users program a range of instructions including:

  • Setting virtual boundaries
  • Defining transportation paths between housing and work areas
  • Setting temporary or permanent zones to stay away from or otherwise not service
  • Define different areas for different cutting schedules to encourage optimal grass length for different areas and avoid interfering with irrigation 

The app also keeps track of where the robot is at any given moment.

Husqvarna CEORA™ EPOS will automatically head to a charging station before power is completely drained via transport paths set up by the owner. They can even be programmed to follow a schedule to “report” to a predetermined maintenance facility for routine upkeep, cleaning or off-season storage.

Groundskeeping doesn’t get smarter than this!

Who Should Get One of These Wireless Robotic Mowers?

Husqvarna CEORA™ EPOS was created for groundskeepers responsible for maintaining football pitches, golf courses, playing fields – anywhere there are extensive lawns that need regular care with exacting requirements. 

It’s a value-added service that frees up their time to focus on high-level planning and maintenance.

There are also Husqvarna Automowers ideal for homeowners who want “green” lawn equipment. They put extra value on emissions-free technology, with extra props for low noise as well.

How Much Does a Husqvarna CEORA™ EPOS Cost?

To discuss availability, pricing, to pre-order, or to determine if CEORA is a viable solution for your turf needs, reach out to Autmow today. Typical response time is 24-48 hours. 

Why We Love It 

There are so many reasons to love a high-tech approach to large-scale lawn care. Here are our five top ones:

  1. It’s far more cost effective than traditional mowing methods and man-hour use.
  2. It keeps us out of the heat, cold, and humidity, and does not agitate allergens for employees or pedestrians.
  3. It’s a green tool that does not spew emissions or run on gas or diesel.
  4. It is also odor-free.
  5. It’s quiet – people working in nearby offices or homes don’t hear a lawn mower roaring away.
  6. It allows groundskeepers to focus on other important tasks… without spending hours and days at a time cutting the fields.
  7. It looks so cool! 

Limitations You Should Know About

The Husqvarna CEORA™ EPOS relies on satellite technology, which works best on large open spaces.

Mountainous areas and areas with heavy tree coverage may get spotty coverage. Weather can also be a factor.

This article discusses obstacles potential buyers should be aware of.