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Is the Husqvarna EPOS right for me?

Husqvarna EPOS needs a view of the sky

June 4, 2021

Short Answer: Probably not. At least not yet.

But it is technology of the future. So learning about what it can do tomorrow is something to get excited about today. 

Let’s start with the basics. What is EPOS, and how will it someday make using a robot mower so much easier?

The technology of EPOS: What is it?

EPOS stands for Exact Positioning Operating System. It’s a breakthrough technology for professional Automower® robotic lawn mower models.

This satellite-based technology enables the mowers to work within virtual boundaries, eliminating the need for physical boundary wires. This new system is designed to significantly increase the flexibility and use of professional robotic lawn mowers in green spaces.

Here’s how it works. 

The EPOS system is made up of three main parts:

  1. the robotic lawn mower
  2. the charging station
  3. the reference station

The Husqvarna EPOS mower communicates to the reference station through radio signal and satellite. And this satellite communication allows the set up of virtual mowing stations.

But here’s the catch: as of now, this technology has it’s limits. In order for the technology to work, you need an uninterrupted sky view of your property, with limited trees and buildings around, and you need stellar radio coverage.

People are excited about the future of EPOS. Here are the major reasons why the EPOS is so cool, and why this fledgling technology si such a big deal.

What Makes EPOS Technology A Big Deal

Husqvarna EPOS automatic mower

The Exact Positioning Operating System technology is exciting. It means:

No more boundary line breakage

The absence of physical boundary wires eliminates wire breakages. This is awesome for people who need to aerate or scarify without the risk of damaging the installation.

Flexible Area Management

Easily manage your mow area digitally. This includes being able to set up temporary stay-out zones (the creation of digital zones that are easily activated and de-activated).

Program the mower to new areas, even passing over hard surfaces like sidewalks, without wasting time and battery life mowing paths.

And finally, you’ll easily be able to change installation because mow areas are defined by remote steering via a smartphone. The virtual boundary can easily be edited from your smartphone screen.

Precise Area Management

A single Husqvarna Automower robotic lawn mower can mow separate areas with different height settings and different schedules.

Longer Boundaries and Larger Installations

No perimeter wires means something else: unlimited boundary length. This allows for more complex installations in all imaginable shapes and sizes!

Remote Steering with a Smartphone

AppDrive will let you steer your robotic lawn mower in Automower Connect.

Mower blades are disabled while using appDrive, but it works outside of the installation area.

Over-the-air software updates

Always get the latest software without ever thinking about it.

The wide use of EPOS is still years away

Husqvarna EPOS wireless mower setup

This is new technology, and there are limitations.

And unfortunately, these aren’t limitations that affect a small portion of robot mower users. These limitations make it impractical for most of us homeowners to use EPOS.

So while we’re living in the world of instant gratification, you need patience. Because if you were to use EPOS today, you’d likely run into technical difficulty.

Beware if you have any of these common EPOS obstacles.

Trees and Buildings 

Your mower must communicate with the reference station. This is essential for its function. 

However, if you have lots of trees and buildings in the vicinity, you have a problem. These can get in the way of the signal. 

And how many of us don’t have any trees or obstacles in our yards? 

Satellite Signals Vary

Remember cell phones in the early days? There were limits to where you could get a signal.

With EPOS, the satellite signal varies based on location, time, season, and weather. 

So you have to check the signal strength in your area before you invest.

And while perimeter wire isn’t fun to set up, you need a robot mower with reliable boundaries.

Who is a good candidate for EPOS?

Unfortunately, the list of those who are good candidates for EPOS is small.

To be a good candidate for EPOS, you must have an open space with few trees, and a good satellite signal.

The following conditions are likely good candidates for EPOS today

  • Large open fields
  • Sports turf
  • Unobstructed views
  • Commercial property

If you don’t fall into this category, never fear. Technology is constantly evolving. And EPOS will likely continue to improve. 

Is Epos right for you?

Probably not yet.

But think about it. It wasn’t that long ago we were setting up our wallpaper on MySpace. Things change quickly. 

We’re in the early evolution of EPOS. But there will likely be a day when we remember perimeter wire as a thing of history.  

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