Simplicity is your thing. And automowers make lawn care super easy. 

But you have to wonder. Will a robot mower make your lawn look like it was cut by a 4 year old? 

You’re going to like the answer. 

Robot lawn mowers are smart

Your Husqvarna automower will know where it has previously mowed. And it won’t leave you with uneven tire tracks and an uneven lawn.

In fact, when everything is said and done, your lawn will look as smooth as a carpet. 

Let’s talk about how this is possible. And about why you should feel confident in the results you’ll get from your robot mower.

The value of GPS

GPS is an invaluable tool for robot mowers. 

What is GPS?

It is a system that uses satellites to identify and remember locations. 

You may know of it from driving your car. But this is also technology you’ll learn to love in robot mowers.

GPS means your robot mower isn’t driving blind. And this leads to impressive results.

Your robot mower is equipped with GPS assisted navigation.

It starts with a map

Your robot may seem like it has a random mowing pattern. But looks can be deceiving. 

The GPS technology allows your autonomous mower to create a map of your lawn. And it records it for future use. 

It all starts with your robot’s onboard GPS system. And from there, your mower traverses your lawn, creating and recording a map. 

Before you know it, mapping is complete including where the boundary and guide wires are installed. 

The next time you mow

GPS means your mower has a good memory. And your mower is about to seem really smart.

Technology helps your mower remember which parts of the lawn it has covered. And you know what it does next?

It adjusts. 

No need to micromanage your mower. It will go to the areas that haven’t been cut until your lawn is even and clean. 

And this is how you get a lawn that looks better than when you cut it by pushing your old school mower. 

The problem of uneven grass

But what about when you throw a curveball at your mower?

Let’s say your autonomous mower enters an area that has higher than average grass. Surely your mower will struggle to create clean looking results.

Not true!

Your mower can’t be easily defeated. In fact, robot mower technology prepares itself for this type of challenge.

When the Husqvarna automower enters an area with taller-than-average grass, it works in a concentrated, systematic spiral pattern to even out differences.

Intelligent navigation

The Husqvarna automower has intelligent navigation. And you don’t need to understand exactly how this works.

All you need to understand is this.

It will make your life easy.

Because your mower will know where it has been. And it knows where to go next. 

So you don’t need to lift a finger. Sit back and watch your robot do all the work. And breath easy knowing your lawn will look even, clean, and professionally done.

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