Professional groundskeepers universally agree that installing boundary wires can be a real hassle. They’ve been waiting a long time for wireless robot mowers to handle this task.

Their relief is here! Virtual boundaries are now a reality, delivered wirelessly by the CEORA EPOS.

EPOS Technology is the Wireless Future for Field Boundary Setting

EPOS, or Exact Positioning Operating System, is satellite-based technology that drives Husqvarna’s professional Automower® robotic lawn mowers. It frees groundskeepers, especially those who manage sports and playing fields, from time-consuming work setting up and breaking down physical boundary wires. 

Because it’s satellite technology, EPOS isn’t affected by cell tower malfunctions or data limits. It works around the clock, unaffected by problems like fog or outside temperature.  A global navigation satellite system (GNSS) sends signals to reference stations that relay data instantly to the mowers. EPOS works with the GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, and Galileo satellite systems.

In addition to sports field groundskeepers, EPOS is an excellent choice for professionals who manage large chunks of lawn space for parks and commercial real estate properties. Here’s more information about this exciting breakthrough.

How EPOS Works

EPOS works through a mobile app equipped with an appDrive function that tells the mower where to drive and where to mow. Users specify virtual boundary lines to tell an EPOS-equipped automower it where it should not venture, where it’s permanent to avoid trespassing into neighboring property, or in specified places and times such as when lawns are being seeded, aerated, or watered. You can even program “stay-out” zones and turn them on and off – there’s no need to reprogram these instructions over and over.

The app even lets users give a Husqvarna CEORA pretty detailed instructions like what paths to take to reach a mowing destination. They can specify different lengths to cut grass in different areas. And the app will notify you when your Husqvarna needs to be recharged (it’s battery-powered) so you can direct it back to its charging station. 

Satellite Signals to Reference Stations

EPOS communicates with mowers through reference stations attached to a stable fixture. Each reference station covers a 500-meter radius (1,640 feet). Ideally, reference stations should have a clear “view” of a mower for maximum benefits. 

EPOS technology works best in large open spaces without trees or buildings. 

Are Wireless Robotic Mowers Ready for the Residential Market? 

We are getting closer to the point where wireless robotic mowers can serve the residential market. 2023 will see the introduction of the Husqvarna NERA designed for private gardens with a minimum size of 2200m2, up to 5000m2, and a precision of 2-3 cm. Moreover, it will handle slopes with inclinations up to 50% and handle rougher terrain. 

Satellite interference continues to be an issue for larger properties. As we’ve noted previously, mountains and trees can interfere with satellite and reference station signaling. This article can help you decide if an EPOS-equipped mower is right for you. Or request a demonstration today!