Husqvarna, one of the premier robotic lawn mower manufacturers, has emphasized making lawn care simple and smart. They continue to do just that by making their mowers compatible with Amazon Alexa by using Automower Connect. 

What does that mean for homeowners? Keep reading and you’ll find that out and more!

Automower x Alexa: The Highlights

Connecting Amazon Alexa to Husqvarna’s Automower provides owners with plenty of benefits:

  • Easy to pause work: You don’t have to chase the mower if you ever need to stop it in the middle of a scheduled mow. 
  • Added convenience: If the weather outside is too hot, cold, rainy, or windy, you don’t even have to get up to tell the Automower to pause. All it takes is the shout of a command.
  • Save time and energy: It’s already a huge plus that you don’t have to spend your time outside manually pushing a traditional lawn mower. But now, you’ll rarely have to leave the comfort of your home, except to do routine maintenance on the mower.
  • Ready for any weather: Daytime, nighttime, sunny day, rainy day, windy day, high pollen day, it doesn’t matter. You use Alexa to tell the mower to stop and start. But with the Automower’s weather feature, the weather won’t be your problem.

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How to Connect the Automower with Alexa

Before attempting to connect the Automower to Alexa, first you need to ensure that all the necessary apps are up to date. If you’re missing the Automower Connect app, follow the links to download it for Android or iPhone. Once that’s done, use your credentials to sign in.

Next, make sure that the Alexa Skill is enabled. This step is necessary if you want to connect Alexa to the Automower Connect app.

Then, once everything is connected, talk to Alexa to give the Automower a command. From there, the mower will do whatever you commanded it to do and you can get back to whatever other more pressing tasks you needed to do.

If a visual guide would be more useful, feel free to visit this one.  

Troubleshooting and FAQ

You have questions. We have answers.

“Does this feature work with any Husqvarna product?”

No; for right now, the only products that will work with Amazon Alexa are the Automowers in the X lineup or that have Connect Kit equipped.

“What commands can I give my Automower?”

You can tell it to pause its current run, return to the docking station (or park), start and stop its scheduled run, and ask where it’s located.

Reasons you may have trouble connecting:

  • Check your home internet to make sure that’s running
  • You could be using an incompatible Automower model or don’t have a Connect Kit installed
  • If you’re using an iPhone, the Alexa Skill is not yet compatible with the App store. Also note that Siri won’t work with this either.
  • The app you’re trying to use may be out of date
  • Ensure the software version of your phone is compatible with the apps
  • You might be trying to connect the Automower without first signing into the Automower Connect App.

Mowing Just Keeps Getting Easier.

Not just easier — better. With the help of the Amazon Alexa and the Husqvarna Automower lineup, you won’t have to spend hours of your weekend on the lawn ever again — leave that up to the robots.

Have questions? Reach out to your robotic mowing experts at Autmow.