Husqvarna’s weather feature doesn’t predict if it’s sunny or cloudy. But it does help your mower get the most out of what Mother Nature can offer. 

The great thing about your robot mower is that it’s sophisticated. Not to say that it makes great conversation at tea parties. But it uses advanced technology to cut with a precision that can’t be achieved by us mere mortals or old fashioned mowers. 

Simply: the Husqvarna Automower features built-in sensors that let the lawn mower know whether conditions are wet or dry. This allows it to mow in a way that’s best for the health of the grass.

A Common mistake lawn owners make

Many lawn owners continue to cut their grass very short — even in hot, dry, summer conditions where the grass grows more slowly. The growth pattern of the grass changes with the seasons, and so should your mowing habits.

Over-mowing in hot-dry weather (when the grass grows slowly) can do damage to the grass and result in a brown, patchy lawn.

Thankfully, the Husqvarna Automowers have a way to avoid damage to lawns due to over-mowing in hot, dry weather — thanks to their Weather Feature.

Presenting the Husqvarna weather feature

You can set up the Weather Feature directly through the lawn mower’s control panel, or access it through the Automower Connect App.

The weather feature is on the machine itself. And you can also find it on the Automower Connect App. 

When the weather is wetter, there can be more growth. And that means your robot needs to work longer to trim more of that length.

So while the weather feature doesn’t predict the weather, it’s prepared for the challenges of different seasons. And it helps your robot adjust to times when it needs to cut more, and when it needs to scale back and mow less.

How is this different from Spiral Cutting?

Sometimes you have areas of high growth. In that case, you’ll need the opposite of the weather feature. But that’s OK, because your mower is truly intelligent.

And you’re covered for areas of high growth too. That’s when your mower goes into spiral cutting. 

When it finds areas of high growth, it marks them by GPS. And now your robot knows to come back to them more frequently. Or it does spiral cuts which allows it to focus on that area. 

What about a “Weather Timer”?

There is an actual timer that comes with your robot mower. This determines the time your mower will need to run by how quickly the grass grows. 

What does this mean? It means your machine will run longer and cut more during wetter weather. And this is when grass grows the fastest. 

The timer function overrides the weather one. 

The manual recommends that you only de-select the time when the machine must not operate. 

Your robot mower isn’t a “fair weather friend”.

Your mower will be there for you rain and shine. It will be there on good days and bad ones.

And the amazing thing is that it adjusts to meet your needs as they change. That way your lawn always looks perfect.

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