Robotic lawn mowing technology first became popular in Great Britain in the 1990s for folks who wanted a “fuss-free device” according to Tools Official’s entertaining history of lawnmowers. It was introduced in the US a bit later, during the early 2000s. The technology itself has been around since 1969, says the blog Lawn Love, and it’s the second most popular type of domestic robot in the world, after robotic vacuum cleaners.

In the US, though, misconceptions about how much robotic lawn mowers cost still make many homeowners hesitate to buy one. But there is a huge price range that lets people buy what they want for their yards. Let’s take a look at what actually drives the cost for a robotic mower. You’ll be surprised to see how affordable these time-saving, quiet machines actually are.

what’s the cost breakdown?

Fortune reports that the average cost of a robotic lawn mower is in the $1,000–$1,500, with many falling in the $1,000 and under range, similar to the lower end for ride-on mowers. The Best Robot Lawn Mower Guide reports some cost as little as $500

Still, robotic mowers represent only five percent of the US lawn mower market. That’s probably because buyers aren’t aware of them just yet, one industry insider told Fortune. “When they hear about it, their minds are kind of blown.”

That’s because the costs are a lot lower than they imagine. The cost of a Husqvarna lawn mower — the industry’s leading brand — starts at $699, down from its introductory $1,200 price tag. It covers .4 acres, perfect for a small, uncomplicated lawn. Bluetooth technology sends commands from the user’s smartphone to the mower.

Prices will continue to fall as more companies enter the market. Add in improvements in the technology that powers these devices, and they become a better buy than traditional mowers — which are still loud, run on gasoline, and require maintenance that can get messy. Here are more good reasons to buy a robotic mower.

What does this mean for robotic mower pricing in 2023? It means more choices that allow consumers to weigh what they need from a robotic mower. Chances are better than ever that they will find one that fits their budget and their requirements.

Robot Lawn Mower Costs Are Influenced by Features 

The robotic lawn mower market serves different purposes. A buyer for a municipality or golf course is likely to need a mower with all-wheel drive to handle rough terrain and climb hills and navigate around obstacles like benches, sidewalks, and trees. Top-line mowers are equipped with GPS tracking and come with batteries that last longer on a single charge to cover larger areas. These are expensive features, as Autmow pointed out a couple of years ago.

are robotic lawn mowers worth it?

Topline mowers for large, complex tracts come from brands like Husqvarna and Ambrogio and cost as much as $4,350–$5,000. These mowers can be programmed for different fields, terrains, and schedules. They save on manpower hours, freeing staff to work on other landscaping tasks.

Brands are another factor to consider when weighing costs. The Best Robot Lawn Mower Guide says some companies import inexpensive mowers and put their own labels on them. They tend to sell to the lower-end of the market and have an uneven track record for endurance. 

Here at Autmow, we support seven robotic mower brands. Many offer several models for the homeowner market. Feel free to contact us to talk about the features you want for your robotic mower!