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You’ve seen your friend on social media with that fancy robot lawn mower. And you secretly wished you had one too. 

But first, you have a question. How much did they pay for that? And can you justify the cost for yourself?

Lower-end robot mowers

Like anything else, robot mowers can range in price. You can get a cheaper one for under $1000 while a high-end mower can run over $5000. But the low-end model is going to be severely lacking in bells and whistles. 

There are times when a lower-end mower is all you need. But you need to consider your lawn’s challenges before you go for a value mower. 

How large is your lawn?

If you’ve got a tiny lawn, you’ll have an easier time finding a mower up for the job. If your lawn could double for a golf course, you’re going to need a more powerful, larger machine. 

Robot mowers use batteries for their power. And you don’t want your mower to constantly interrupt its work to head back for a charge at the charging dock. A higher end robot will be supercharged with extra battery power. 

Additionally, a large lawn will require a mower that can cut a bigger stretch at a time. So they might do fine for small lawns, but will likely not do as well for large ones. 

How complex is your lawn?

Most lawns have obstacles. Maybe you have a garden, hedges, or a fountain. These looked nice when you installed them. But now they’re an added challenge for your mower.

Cheaper mowers are good for cutting simple lawns. But a more sophisticated mower will have an easier job moving around your obstacles efficiently. So take a good look at your lawn before you just grab the most bottom line mower. 

The lesson here is that even if you have a bad case of robot envy, you can’t just grab the cheapest mower if your lawn isn’t built for it. You’ll just create a lot of frustration for yourself. And $500 is still nothing to scoff at. Don’t waste it. 

Convinced a lower-end mower is for you?

If you have a small, simple lawn, then an economy robot mower will likely do just fine. Your lawn has simple needs, and so all you need is a simple mower.

The Landroid M 20V, the Robomow RX 20 cost under $1000. 

Higher-end robot mowers

So now that we’ve seen what a basic mower can do, let’s get into the more sophisticated machines. These are the higher-powered machines that come with all the bells and whistles. 

These more advanced mowers can climb hills, tackle large lawns, navigate around complicated obstacles, handle rough terrain, and have battery power that lasts for hours. But this is just a starting point. They are designed for convenience, simplicity, power, and fun. 

They also have a higher price tag. A higher-end model can run thousands of dollars, ranging from around $1500 to $5000. Here’s why they’re worth the investment. 

High-end, easy to use phone apps

With a higher-end mower, you get a more advanced phone app. Think of this like your very own traffic control center. You’ll be able to do things like set multiple lawn zones. Or you can alter the lawn height. And you can even track your mower from afar. 

The more sophisticated technology allows for more flexible and convenient use. You get more advanced options that you can do remotely. And this lets you take more control, while also making your job easier.

The Husqvarna Automower 430xh is one of our most popular models, starting at $2,499.00. Read our review of it here.

Up for advanced challenges

Maybe you have a small, flat lawn. But you might still experience challenges that can benefit from a more sophisticated mower. 

For instance, these advanced mowers do better in the rain. A basic robot mower might get messy in a storm. Do you have the time to constantly give your mower a deep cleaning? More sophisticated options can breeze through rainy conditions. 

And a higher-end mower might have better controls to handle obstacles. Advanced mowers can sense obstacles before they reach them. Meaning you, your family, and your kid’s bike are all protected when your mower is out and about.

The Husqvarna 450xh is built for steep inclines and uneven terrain and starts at $3,299.00. 

Easier set up

Advanced mowers can make the initial set up easy. You can do a lot more from the app like establish and maintain mow areas. The whole process is simplified and a lot more intuitive. 

Most mowers have wire to map your lawn. But a higher end robot will also have advanced GPS. Not only does this let you track your mower from anywhere. It helps it remember where it has been. And this will make your mower’s operation smoother.

Convinced a higher-end mower is for you?

If you’ve got lots of hills, a large lawn, or lots of intricate obstacles, a higher-end mower will serve you best. And if you want simplicity and lots of bells and whistles, you won’t be happy with a low-end model. 

Some higher end models to consider are 

So now you know how much robotic lawn mowers cost. And you understand what you get for your hard earned dollars. So now you’re ready to go meet your perfect lawn mowing assistant. 

Which robot mower will you get?