You see your friend post pics of their autonomous mower. And you think to yourself, that could be me… If only it weren’t for my hills.

Sure, robot mowers might mean the glamorous life for those who’ve got a flat yard. Lucky them. 

And while your yard can’t double for the Alps, it’s a hilly challenge for your mower. No robot lawn mower will make it up those hills.

But not so fast! You’re forgetting about all-wheel drive robotic mowers.

While robot lawn mowers are relatively new for homeowners, technology is developing quickly. And these all-wheel drive robotic lawn mowers will make it up your hills in no time.

Why all-wheel drive robotic lawn mowers? 

All-wheel drive hellps give your mower traction. 

Regular mowers might seem like “a stick in the mud.” But not the all-wheel drive robotic mower. These mowers are built to power through where other mowers will get sidelined. 

So the all-wheel drive robotic mower can handle your yards hills like a pro. And while robot mowers don’t currently come standard with AWD, a couple of great options are hitting the market. 

But which of these all-wheel drive mowers is the best? Here are some options to check out when searching for your new robotic mower:

Husqvarna Automower 435X

The Automower 435X is a great mower with many of the perks you’re looking for in a robot mower. It comes equipped with GPS. 

And you can set up your total lawn care with the ease of the Automower Connect App. Plus it has full smart-home connectivity. So you can easily integrate it into your smart home. You can even operate it with voice commands!

Plus, it has amazing safety features. Because you might worry that a machine powerful enough to climb your hills might also be dangerous for your kids or pets. But this mower is designed to sense danger from a distance and turn around, or shut off. 

However, the Husqvarna Automower 435X offers even more.

It has all-wheel drive, meaning it is the perfect solution for those with complicated terrain, or steep hills. So you get all the perks of a Husqvarna. And you get it with the reliability of a machine that won’t run out of steam. 

In fact, it can handle slopes up to 70 degrees. That’s pretty tough. This is a machine to make your flat-yarded friends drool with envy. Wait until you post pics of it in action.

The Husqvarna Automower 435X.

Husqvarna Automower 535X

So, you’ve got a great solution for you as a homeowner in the Automower 435X. But what if you need something even more?

What if you’re looking for a pioneer in the world of robot mowers? It needs to be equipped with all-wheel drive technology. And it needs to handle super touch terrain as well as some pretty steep slopes. 

But its needs go beyond that. Because this mower must be able to operate in a commercial environment. 

Well, there is a new emerging stand-out in that department. And that is the Husqvarna Automower 535X. 

This tough guy comes with all the advantages of the Automower 435X for the homeowner. But it’s durable enough to handle the demands of a professional.

The Husqvarna Automower 535X

Robot lawn mowers are for hilly lawns too

Your days of turning green are over. You’re now the envy of your homeowner friends with your new AWD robot lawn mower. Those hills won’t stop you now. 

AWD mowers are technology of the future. But lucky you, this technology exists right now. And you know exactly where to find it. 

You want a robot mower so you can sit back and forget about lawn care.

And you can do just that. All-wheel drive technology is your ticket to a stress-free, perfectly manicured lawn. Because your tough terrain is no match for these AWD bad boys.