You may be taking a look at your uneven lawn and wonder: does it even make sense to try and mow this uneven terrain with a robot? There are so many bumps and holes that you probably don’t even see how it could mow this lawn. 

Despite your lawn’s condition, it’s still very possible to get an automatic lawn mower. There are certain models on the market designed to mow uneven terrain like yours. You just need to know what to check for.

Today we’re going to show you what you need to know when shopping for automatic lawn mowers meant for uneven lawns. We’ll also give you a head start in your search.

What you Need to Look for in a Robotic Mower for Uneven Lawns

When you look at the robotic mowers out there, have you ever noticed that they’re advertised to look like they work on flat, perfect lawns? Don’t be discouraged — plenty of robotic lawn mowers are designed for mowing uneven terrain.

Keep an eye out for these features in your robotic mower search. If it has these things, you’ll be making a safe purchase.

Long-lasting Battery Life

The important part of a robotic lawn mower is how long it can run. A robotic mower usually runs from one to two hours. But you gotta consider how big your yard is. And if you have an uneven lawn, that’s more power the mower needs to put out.

If the mower has to do a lot of climbing and swerving to make your yard look fresh, that’s more power that it’ll have to use, regardless of lawn size. So look for robotic mowers with higher battery capacities. Aim for something with higher than 2,500 mAh. But make sure you factor in your yard size, too. 

If you have a huge yard, you may want to look into overall charge time, too. Even with a large battery, there’s still a chance of the robotic mower running low on power mid-mow.

Big Tires with Excellent Traction

If you want your mower to tackle big lumps and holes, steep slopes, and debris, the tires need to be superb. Big tires with good traction mean you won’t have to worry about the mower slipping when mowing on a hill. Plus, it can progress over holes in the ground without messing up its flow.

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Speaking of slipping, those big wheels will come in handy when dealing with the weather. Of course, you’ll have to adjust the mower’s cutting schedule to work with the weather. But if those wheels can move even in the slippery rain, you’ve got yourself a winner. 

Don’t forget about its turning angles. Wheels that can make a swift turn around an object are key for uneven lawns like yours. 

Maximum Cut Heights

Uneven lawns mean you’d probably have to deal with mowing uneven grass levels. In some parts, the grass levels may be unusually higher than the rest of the lawn. 

When you get a robotic mower with great cutting height, it can mow the lawn more precisely even in uneven areas. Plus, it’ll help with slopes too. As the mower starts to move on an angle, you wouldn’t have to worry about it cutting too close to the ground. 

If you’re too concerned with overall cutting performance, you could try to level the parts of the lawn that are uneven. But that could end up costing more than a quality robotic mower. Pick your battles wisely with this.

Good Sensors

Your robotic mower needs to be smart enough to recognize major obstacles in its way. Sure, the big wheels can help navigate over rocks and such, but what about trees, lawn furniture, or random tools on the ground? 

Plus, that sensor should be able to pick up on the weather. If it does, that lets it adjust its mowing accordingly to match the lawn conditions. 

And, if the mower just happens to get stuck or flips over somehow, it can notify you through your phone’s app or Bluetooth.

Best Robotic Lawn Mowers for Uneven Terrain

Now you know what makes a good mower for bumpy lawns. Next, we’re gonna give you a jump start on your robotic mower search. 

Here are some recommendations for mowers with all of the things we mentioned to look for.

Husqvarna Automower 435X AWD: Perhaps the most sophisticated option on the market for uneven terrain, the Automower 435X AWD uses all wheel drive technology and a pivoting rear wheel assembly to optimize the control of each individual wheel. This allows it to climb hills, move over ruts, and mow the most challenging lawns.

Husqvarna Automower 450XH: For the larger yards, this is the choice for you. It can cover up to 0.8 acres of lawn and has a running time of four and a half hours. Plus, you get it all in one hour of charging. It also has sensors to navigate through obstacles, know when to raise/lower its blades, and sense the weather. Speaking of blades, this will mow up to 3.6 inches. 

Gardena Sileno City 500: If you have little square feet and are on a budget, the Sileno is your choice. It makes up for its small size and range by being swift in the most complex of lawns. It can even tackle slopes up to 35 degrees high. With its AI rain sensors, the Sileno will mow through the most complex of lawns no matter the weather. 

Robomow RK2000: New for 2022 is the RK2000, a mower designed for the hilliest of lawns. It’s ready to navigate lawns up to half an acre at a max slope height of 45 degrees. And with up to 4-inch cutting height, you’ll get an even cut throughout your yard despite its conditions.

Rough Terrain Kit from Husqvarna

If you are already in possession of an Automower mower, don’t think you need to switch robotic mowers. Instead, just upgrade the wheels. By getting the 400 series terrain kit, you can significantly improve your mower’s performance on unstable lawns.

Even Cuts for an Uneven Lawn are one Robotic Lawn Mower Away

Just because your lawn isn’t leveled doesn’t mean you can’t get the pretty lawn care you see your other neighbors have. All it takes is the right specs. 

But now that you know what to look for, you’re one step away from making your uneven lawn look excellent.