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Winter was long and cold. Now the days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer, and you’re ready for the outdoor fun to begin. 

So what about your lawn? Does it have spring fever too?

Our outdoor space plays a big part in those lazy spring and summer days. It’s where you entertain friends, watch the kids play, and spend long, lazy days. You want to give it good care. But how do you know the right time to begin mowing?

Your lawn likely needs some attention after a year in hibernation. Quite frankly, your yard probably looks like you did in your 20s after a bender. Yes, it looks bad. No, you don’t want to rush to clean it up. 

Watch out for these three things before you let your mower loose for its big spring cleanup.

Don’t start to early

After a long winter, your lawn probably needs some TLC. But wait! You don’t want to whip out your mower on the first warm day. You might regret this later. 

Mowing your lawn when there is still the threat of frost is a bad idea. If temperatures drop below freezing, you can do actual damage. That’s because when you mow grass that hasn’t completely thawed out from winter, you can actually damage the grass blade. Ouch!

So wait until you see consistent temperatures above 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Let it grow

Now you’ve reached the perfect temperature. So you should be good to mow now, right? 

Not so fast. You first need to more closely examine your lawn. More specifically, you want to look at the length of your grass’ blades.

Before mowing, you need to make sure that your grass reaches the correct height. The ideal height may vary based on different factors. But a good rule of thumb is about 2 inches tall. 

And this is important because it protects your lawn’s roots.

Wait for dry conditions

You’re almost there. But there’s one more thing that you need to think about before bringing out the mower. That’s the moisture in your lawn. 

You don’t want to mow a lawn that has too much moisture. When blades carry moisture from the rain or morning dew, they’re likely to bend. And this can damage the look of your lawn because this makes it difficult to get a straight cut. 

Waiting for dry conditions can be difficult when there are frequent spring showers. But you don’t want to rush it by mowing early. You’ll only make things harder for yourself in the long run. 

And once you’ve met all three conditions, it’s time to start mowing. 

So what can you do while you’re waiting to get your lawn ready for spring?

Here are some ideas for get yourself ready for mowing season;

  1. Clear out your yard. Move away debris, branches, stones, and anything else that might have accumulated over winter.
  2. Replace your mower’s blades. If you haven’t been doing proper maintenance on your mower, now’s the perfect time.
  3. Set up your robot mower’s app. If you’ve got a robot mower, make sure your app is set up for spring by determining a mowing schedule and other in-app activities. 

Spring is an exciting time. And your outdoor space is a huge part of enjoying the season. 

Your lawn needs some love and attention after being ignored and buried under snow all winter. But just remember. You shouldn’t run out with your mower on the first sunny day. 

Make your lawn healthier this year 

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