You got your robotic mower to make your life easier. All those years of pushing a mower back, forth, uphill and downhill. It was a waste of your free time and sanity. You threw all of your hard earned free time away to be an underpaid lawn boy. 

So now you have your robotic mower. And you expect your mower to be your faithful servant. So why aren’t you using one of the Autmow smartphone apps? You’re missing out on so many ways that your mower can make your life easier. 

The Robow app and the Husqvana Automower Connect app both offer you simplicity. You can manage your entire lawn care from your smartphone. No more lost Saturdays due to lawn chores. Now you just need to launch your Autmow app and forget about it.  

You don’t even have to be there. You can go to Tahiti or Vegas and manage your mower from anywhere in the world. Your mower will be your faithful on-call, anytime personal assistant. And you’ll get back your well deserved hours of rest.

Why use your Autmow’s app?

Good question. Because these apps will take care of everything. They have all the settings you need in one place. No more dragging your mower to get those small patches away from the main lawn. No more pulling the mower from the front to the back and vice versa. The app takes care of it all.

You can create and change your mowing schedule. You can adjust lawn settings. And you can even easily set mow zones. All without lifting a thing or breaking a sweat. Lawn care has never been so incredibly easy. You’ll be looking over your shoulder the whole time because you’ll feel like you’re cheating. But you’re not gonna get caught. 

App setup is easy. ​

No need to be a tech wizard. Getting started with the app is a snap. Both The Robow app and the Husqvana Automower Connect app can be found in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Just download the appropriate app and then install it. 

Now you’re ready to go. You’re just two steps away from having all your lawn care needs right at your fingertips. You’ll just need to create an account with a username and password. That way you can have access to your robot mower wherever you go.

Husqvana Automower Connect

You’ll want to pair your mower with your app. Again, no need to panic. The app does  the work for you. Set-up is as easy as entering your mower’s unique pin code. The app will lead you through the rest of the pairing process. 

You’ll then have access to a world of choices. Just go to the left hand menu in the app and choose Settings. From there, what do you want to do?

Do you want to alter your grass cutting height? Done. Do you want to change your mowing schedule? That’s no problem. You can even start and stop the mower directly from the app. 
Want some assurance that your mower hasn’t gone rogue? You can set up geofence in Settings to see where in the yard your mower is at any moment. Set up push notifications to alert you if your mower’s stuck or needs help. 

Robomow App

Just like with Husqvana, you start by connecting your mower with your app. Make sure to allow the app to access your camera. Not to worry –  it’s not trying to turn you into a social media influencer. You’ll just need to take a picture of your mower’s serial number.
Again, the app will lead you through the process of pairing. If you’re having any difficulty, just make sure your mower is on and awake. Once you’ve completed the registration option, the app will always search for your mower upon launch. 

Once you’re set up, you’ll get a ton of options. Feeling tech overwhelm? Start with something simple like choosing your mowing schedule. Just press the icon for schedule, and the app will lead you through the process. Change your mind? No problem. The app can help you make changes too. 

From there, the easy to use interface will take you through other options. You can set up different zones in your lawn. You can make sure the child lock is on. You can even manually mow your lawn with a joystick within the app. It’s like living your childhood Nintendo days all over again. 

Click here for the Robomow App Tutorial.

Your smartphone was never so useful. ​

Your smartphone can be an endless time suck. But not this time. These apps make mowing your lawn so easy. You’ll get back tons of wasted hours that you lost to lawn care drudgery. 

You got your robot mower because you suspected that there was a better life waiting for you. One that didn’t involve hours of huffing and puffing over your lawn. But if you’re not using the app, you’re wasting the opportunity to make your life even that much sweeter. 

You’re the master, not the servant. So start acting like one. Just pull out your smartphone and let your app worry about your lawn care. And now sit back. You’re the master of your domain. Now enjoy it!