You want to stay one step ahead of the Joneses. But innovation can seem scary, especially when trying to get a good value. Nobody said being a trendsetter was easy. So when you break free from the tyranny of pushing your old-fashioned mower, you want the most reliable robot mower for your buck.

Yes, you’ll get some really big benefits. More time for yourself, of course. And you’ll  get a great looking lawn. Plus, you’ll get bragging rights. 

But you secretly worry that new tech isn’t super reliable. This is supposed to be an investment that will last. You want a robot mower that will cut your grass for the long haul. 

So with all the robotic mowing options out there… how can you be sure that you choose the most reliable mower? 

​Reliable robotic lawn mowers

The good news is that while robotic mowers are cutting edge, they’re not completely new. Some brands have been tried and true for over 25 years. Others are showing not to be worth your hard-earned cash. 

We already see some standouts for this year. These are autonomous mowers that thrive when it comes to reliability. The most reliable robot mowers for 2021 will be around for the long haul, and will keep your lawn looking amazing for years. ​

How are we defining “reliable” in a robotic lawn mower?

Here’s what to look for when shopping for your lawn robot. ​

Long Lasting

Well-made mowers should be a staple of your household for many years to come. After all, price is relative when you get value year after year. ​


You might be nervous getting a robot if you’re not tech savvy. But a good mower will make it easy. For instance, it knows when to stop and report an error message. And it sounds an alarm and has GPS tracking so it  will never get stolen or lost.  ​

Tough-terrain handling abilities

Real lawns have challenges. A mower that offers value will be able to go up and down hills without getting stuck. It’s not going to get stuck in soft soil. You don’t want to have to rescue your robot all the time.​

The boundary laying works well

Just like in any good relationship, you need to set boundaries with your mower. Your robot needs to know the perimeters of your lawn so it doesn’t go off course. You want a boundary laying system that is easy to set up, and works. Now your robot is ready to go. ​

It can cope with obstacles

Maybe your lawn has sharp corners. Perhaps there are narrow passages. Or potentially there are obstacles your mower needs to avoid. A reliable mower is able to cope with whatever situation you throw its way and keep on mowing. ​

Our 4 top robotic mower picks for reliability

​Now that you know why a reliable robotic lawn mower is essential, how can you be sure to choose the right model? Here are 4 stand-outs to consider.

​Ambrosio 4.0 Elite

According to Popular Mechanics, “This Ambrogio is particularly well suited to dusty or humid climates, since the inductive charging kit allows the Elite to get its power by brushing up against the docking station. This is instead of connecting to electrical contacts, which can get fouled up with dirt or corrosion.” and “Finally, you can equip it with heavier-duty batteries, rare for these mowers, doubling its cutting area to 1.2 acres (more than 80,000 square feet of grass).” ​

Honda Miimo HRM310

If, when you hear the word “Honda” you think “reliability”, you’re not alone.  There’s almost no terrain the Honda Miimo can’t tackle.  And less high-tech input needed from the user means less digital components to break. The Miimo allows you to pre-adjust its settings to save wear and tear on the mower (and the lawn) for a long, happy robot life.​

​Husqvarna Automower 310

According to price runner, this is “a winning combination of reliability, functionality and user-friendliness for a reasonable price.” And as one of our top sellers and all-time favorites among our customers, we’d have to agree.​

Husqvarna Automower 430X

The 430X is a user-friendly, extremely competent robotic lawn mower with a large range of functions that help it attack every obstacle thrown its way. It’s quite simply one of the most reliable, easy-to-use and good value for money premium robotic lawn mowers on the market.

Ready to get your robot mower? You don’t need one more season of pushing your clunky old model when you could watch the game while your robot works. Get your robot mower from today!