A mother and her young daughter using a computer

You’re the protector of your home. You make sure that your family is safe, and that your kids are tucked safely into bed each night. To them, you’re a superhero.

But you can’t be there every minute. So you need help. Kind of like a superhero sidekick. And that’s why safety tech for your family might be one of the best things you buy in 2021.

Safety tech is the investment that lets you breathe easy during the day and sleep well at night. So we’ve compiled a list of the best safety technology for families in 2021. Here’s the best of the best for safety tech this year.

Nest Protect

Nest Pro fire and carbon monoxide alarm

Your fire and carbon monoxide alarm may be one of your most important safety investments.  The Nest Protect alarms in your house actually speak with each other. Learn about a threat in your bedroom from the alarm in your living room. Plus Nest Protect checks itself to make sure it’s working properly – up to 400 times a day! Plus, you can turn it off and get alerts from the app on your phone. That way you can still protect your family, even when you’re not there. Get it here

Wyze Cam Pan

WYZE CAM PAN indoor smart surveillance

This is one of the best values for indoor smart surveillance. It’s a nifty camera at a very affordable price. It gives you 360 degree coverage that will automatically track motion. And it has 6 infrared LEDS so it can see great at night. Plus, the app immediately records and alerts you when it detects movement. And there’s no subscription required. Your videos are stored on the cloud for 15 days for free. You are your neighborhood watch. ​

Husqvarna Automower


Smart tech is the best solution to give you more time to enjoy your home. And an Automower is a great tech solution to safely give you back your time. Use the app to set up mowing schedules and change them whenever the weather changes. Plus use the blade safety features to keep your kids safe. The blade will instantly stop if it is lifted or turned over. Plus the outer body of the blade is extra wide, which protects little hands and feet. This is a smart mower that will make you feel smarter for keeping your kids safe. Get it here.

C by GE Motion Sensor

C BY GE MOTION SENSOR smart lighting system for your home

Moving around in the dark can be a real hazard, especially when walking up and down steps. And what happens when you enter a room with your hands full? The C by GE Motion Sensor is a truly smart lighting system for your home. You can set it to activate only during certain hours, keeping kitty from activating it during the day.. But it can help you safely move about at night. Pair it with GE smart bulbs and your good to go! Get it here. ​

August Wifi Smart Lock

AUGUST WIFI SMART LOCK protecting your home.

It used to be a smart move to leave a key in a plant. Now you’ll just assist a robber. As much as you pride yourself on being able to wrestle anyone to the ground, you’d rather not try. This smart lock allows you to remotely lock or unlock the door from anywhere. Or control your door with voice assist. You can even set it through geofencing to automatically unlock as you approach. Or send yourself smart alerts as others come and go. This is a solution that makes your life easier, but does it in a way that keeps you protected. Get it here.

Kaiterra Laser Egg

KAITERRA LASER EGG detecting air pollution

What are you supposed to do when you can protect your kids from the monster under the bed, but not the air they breathe? Kaiterra Laser Egg is the smart solution. It gives you fast, reliable detection of air pollution in your home. And it does all this through your wifi connection. Plus, different models have the ability to tell you about chemicals, or CO2 exposure. Then you’ll always know when it’s time to open a window or turn on an air filter. And that way, you really can fight the invisible monster. Get it here. ​

Wyze Cam Outdoor

WYZE CAM OUTDOOR outdoor surveillence

No intruder likes to see an outdoor camera, tracking their every movement. Wyze Cam Outdoor allows you to protect your home like a ninja. It’s budget friendly. It’s wire-free, so set-up is easy. And it has 25ft night vision. Plus, it captures people and animals with 12 second, motion captured videos. This camera is a workhorse, built to survive even the nastiest blizzard. Never worry about what’s lurking out there in the dark again. Get it here. 

Ring Video Doorbell Pro


​Ring Doorbell Pro gives you all the bells and whistles. It has HD video with two way talk. It allows for customizable motion zones. Plus it has infrared night vision. And with a Ring Protect Plan, you can record, view, and share videos and pictures stored on the cloud. Maybe someday you’ll have a butler. But until then, this is the next best thing. Get it here.

Phillips Hue Lights and Sensor


Help your family see while coming in late at night. And scare the bad guys away by shining a spotlight as they approach. This also works for your teenage daughter’s boyfriend. The Phillips Hue Light and Sensor will help give you a warm welcome home with its battery powered sensor. Simply walk by and it will trigger the lights. Setup is a snap and you’ll save on your electric bill. Plus you’ll feel safe knowing your family isn’t left in the dark. Get it here. ​

Samsung Smarthings

Samsung phone showing a map.

Now that you have all this new safety tech, you’re going to want to find a way to control them from one system. And Samsung Smarthings is a great way to do just that. This works with 100s of compatible devices and they all can be coordinated from an app within your smartphone.. That way you can be the master of your domain from anywhere. Make sure eclectic devices are off. Turn on lights when you’re away. And track moisture levels so you know if there’s a leak. There are so many ways you can keep your home safe. And it’s all done with a single device. Your kids think you’re Superman. And now you really can be. Get it here.  ​