Autmow robotic lawn mower cutting the grass.

Buying a robot used to be a thing of fantasy. But your childhood dreams are now your reality. So how do you make sure you’re getting the best robot mower? You don’t want to screw this up.

You want a robot mower that will serve you. Not one that will sputter or trip over its own robot feet. You want the best.

So today we’re going over the best robot mowers for 2021. We’ve taken all the hard work of checking out all of this year’s new arrivals and long-time favorites. That way we can put together this guide to help you bring home your new yard MVP.

​So how do you choose a good robot mower?

Automatic mowers are becoming more and more popular. They make lawn care super simple. However, they’re an investment. Make the right choice, and they give a great bang for your buck. Make the wrong choice, and you’re gonna have some explaining to do. So here’s what to look for before you let go of your hard earned cash.

  • How big is your lawn? You want to determine the perfect size mower for your needs.
  • What added features do you want? Maybe you want GPS. Perhaps you want one that is better on hills. Or maybe your priority is easy controls from your smartphone.
  • Do you have what’s needed to get started? Some mowers require a more complex set-up than others. But with that complexity, you may get additional benefits. You want to make an educated decision.

We tried all the major robot mower players for 2021. And here are the mowers that will make it easy for your yard to look great while you do absolutely nothing.

Husqvarna 435x

Autmow lawn mower

You can’t go wrong with a Husqvarna. They’re a major player in the robot mower world. But here’s why you’ll want to check out the Husqvarna 435x.

This Husqvarna is a pioneer in the world of smart lawn care. It has an easy to use smartphone app and advanced GPS navigation. This is a game changer when it comes to convenience and ease of use.

It comes with Automower Connect for smartphone control and smart home integration. The app features an easy to use help center that can help you troubleshoot any issue or problem. Plus, you can do everything from setting your schedule to easily mapping your lawn with the built-in GPS. Buy it here.

Worx WR140

Autmow lawn mower

Here’s what makes the Worx WR140 a stand-out. Robotic mowers offer amazing convenience. But they don’t come without a hefty price tag. The Worx offers a standout value. You get an automated mower, for a lower price tag.

While you won’t get all the bells and whistles you might see elsewhere, you’ll get lots of great features. It navigates narrow passageways with ease. It lets you choose from 5 different cutting heights. And it has an Anti-Collision system that helps you navigate obstacles.

This is a reliable mower at a good price. So if you’ve been wanting to enter the world of automated mowers but haven’t fit it into your budget, take another look. The Worx WR140 may be just the mower to get you started. Buy it here.

Husqvarna 315x

Husqvarna Automower 315x automatic mower

The Husqvarna 315x is a top automatic mowing solution for those of us with small to a medium sized lawn. Even rain can’t stop this bad boy from getting the job done. Plus, it handles slopes and narrow areas like they’re nothing.

An automatic mower is an investment that should last and last. The proper cleaning and maintenance of your automower is essential to its longevity. And the Husqvarna has simplified its maintenance and care so that it’s a snap.

So now, not only do you have a mower that’s doing all your heavy lifting. You have one that’s simplified maintenance so that you never even have to break a sweat. You got your automatic mower so life would be easy. This mower is high tech that provides simplicity at its best. Buy it here.

Honda Miimo 520 ​

honda miimo 520 automatic mower

Are you intimidated by tech? This robot mower might be the perfect love connection for you. While most mowers are user friendly, the Honda Miimo’s set-up wizard makes getting started a snap. It walks you through the whole operation, step-by-step. No tech knowledge needed.

It’s smooth and efficient. Plus it’s quiet. You can barely hear this mowing dynamo move.

Plus, it cuts your lawn in a way that creates small grass pieces that can go back and help fertilize, making your lawn healthier. You’ll almost feel guilty, it’s so easy. Learn more here.

Husqvarna 450xH

Husqvarna Automower 450xh robotic lawn mower

Most automatic mowers can handle a small incline. But what if your yard makes Mt Everest look like a small hill? Many mowers will be left, sputtering on the sidelines. But not the Husqvarna 450xh. This mower was built for rocky terrain.

Watch it as it climbs up and downhill without taking pause. This is the perfect solution for traditionally hard to mow lawns. Plus, it does so without compromising on quality. This mower has incredible precision, making you look like you slaved over your yard. We’ll never give away your secret. Buy it here.

Ready to get yours?

So these are the best automatic mowers for 2021. Don’t spend another year dreaming about getting a robot mower. This is your year to get one.