You wake up to frost in your yard. So what do you do?

Do you put all your yard care tools into storage? Not so fast!

Now’s the time to start thinking about your lawn goals for March.

Because how you prep your lawn for winter can yield positive results come spring. 

More means less

Here’s what we know: During spring, summer, and fall, you expect your grass to be lush and healthy. But even though you love reaping the benefits of a lawncare, putting the work in sucks. 

Lazy afternoons playing in your yard are fun. Afternoons spent laboring are a bore. And the less of those laboring days, and the more lazy ones, the better.

But here’s a secret: A little work now to prepare your lawn for winter will mean less work to do in the spring.

And we’re not talking about just a little less work. The time savings can be significant. 

In fact, fall is a FABULOUS time for lawn care. And it is a great investment into the future health of your lawn. 

Fall means fertilizer

Many people over fertilize their lawns. 

While your lawn’s health depends on fertilization, you don’t want to over-do it. Too much is bad for your lawn’s health. You only want to fertilize two to three times a year. 

However, the timing of when you fertilize is super important. And it’s something that just might not be discussed enough. 

And when is the best time to fertilize? We’ll give you one guess. 

It’s fall!

Do a soil test first. This test helps determine how much fertilizer will be ideal based on many factors. And then you can lay fertilizer before packing up your lawn care for the winter. 

Prepping your lawn with fertilizer now can lead to a happy and healthy lawn come spring. 

Fix the bald spots

Are there any spots on your lawn that are less than ideal? Well, let’s change that for next season. 

Maybe you haven’t even noticed any new problems. You’re just wrapping up for the season, so it’s easy to overlook if an area has newly grown bare.

But take a good look. 

You don’t want to see those pesky bald spots in spring. So now’s the time to plant seeds in those places that need some assistance.

You’ll see much better results if you do it now rather than waiting until spring. 

Let it breathe

It’s important to loosen the soil to let it aerate. Packed soil can make it hard for your lawn to breathe. 

Just like us, your yard needs a breath of fresh air from time to time. But it’s up to you to make that possible. 

This will help water penetrate the surface. Because you need the water to get all the way to the roots for your lawn to be lush. 

Fall is a perfect time to aerate your lawn. In fact, for cold season grass, this is the absolute best time of year. 

Make any last touches

You want to leave your lawn in the best shape possible before leaving it for winter. Again, prepping your lawn now will lead to big results come spring. 

So look around. Is there anything else you could do? 

Make sure to rake up any last leaves. 

And remember to keep up with hydration. You may think that your lawn doesn’t need as much water now that the air is getting cooler and you’ve got morning dew. But this isn’t the case.

Again, water must get all the way to the roots. So keep those sprinklers running. 

spring training, swimsuits, and sunny days.

All these may seem far away. But they’re closer than you think. 

There’s so much to enjoy in spring. And one of those things are afternoons with your grill, friends, and the kids playing in your backyard.

So do a few things to prep your lawn for winter. And when the first flowers start to bloom, you’ll be ready to leap into those long sunny days.