So, there is a chill in the air and ice on the ground. You’re wearing your favorite scarf and a sturdy pair of snow boots.  And that’s a sure sign that it’s time to store your lawn mower for the winter season.

But storing your lawn mower is a little more complicated than packing up your golf clubs. There’s a right way to store small engines for winter.

Small engines need a level of care and require maintenance. And that way, once the leaves return and flowers start to bloom, your lawnmower will be ready to start zipping through your yard. 

How to know it’s time to store you small engine

Is there snow on the ground? Is the weather freezing?  Do you spend your days buried under a scarf, a wool hat, and some oversized earmuffs?

If you answered yes, then your mower is ready for storage. It’s time to pack up the outdoor activities and give your robot mower a well deserved rest. 

But there’s a wrong way and a right way. And it’s smart to be in the know. Here’s how to store your small engine for winter. 

Drain the fuel

You don’t want to leave fuel in the mower over the course of the season. Doing so can create gum like material in your engine. And this can ultimately cause clogs. 

Make sure to drain the gas tank. Ideally, you can then fill the tank for enough for one last run. And then let it drain out completely. 

If you can’t completely drain your mower tank, go ahead and add fuel stabilizer. Now run your engine for a few minutes to help it move throughout. 

And this should help you better store your small engine for winter. 

Perform needed maintenance

This is the perfect time to get your mower in tip top shape. Here are a few different things that may need your attention.

You’ve been meaning to do these all year. Now is the perfect time.

  • Change spark plugs
  • Install air filters
  • Change the oil
  • Clean the fuel filter
  • Make sure the joints are lubricated

Get it clean

Before putting your lawn mower away from winter, you want to make sure it is cleaned.

A basic step is to remove debris from the underbelly and wipe the mower clean. 

Next make sure to remove any lodged underneath. Look for things that have gotten stuck in the wheels or in any of the crevices.

Finally, go ahead and check the blades. Because this is the perfect time to get things ready for spring. 

Find a safe and dry place

Moisture is your small engine’s enemy. So choose a storage location that is clean and dry. 

And make sure that the temperature don’t dip too low. Moderate temperatures are best. 

You may want to consider a basement as the garage will likely be too cold. 

Other storage factors

Your small engine doesn’t storage technique doesn’t need to be fancy. Many will just store it with the charging station. 

No need to hang it up or do anything special. Keep it on the floor. This will actually help best protect the battery and the future health of your engine. 

And remember to charge it occasionally. Every few months is fine. This will help protect your engine so it is ready to get moving again in the spring. 

Store small engines for winter

Your mower works hard for you every spring, summer, and fall. So make sure to take proper care when storing your small engine for winter. 

Proper storage isn’t complicated. It just takes some care.

The weather will heat up before you know it. And once again, you’ll spend long, warm days in the comfort of your yard.

So practice smart storage choices now. That way your lawn mower will be ready.