One of the things you love about your home is the outdoor space. There’s room  to spread out and enjoy. 

And this is in part due to the fact that you have both a back yard, and a front yard.

You think of this as one of the perks of your home. But what does it mean for your robotic mower? 

Because this question wakes you up in the middle of the night in a cool sweat.

No need for extra deodorant. Your robot mower helps you with an easy answer. 

Your back yard and front yard through your robot’s eyes

To your robot mower, your lawn isn’t one entity. Because your yard isn’t just one surface.

You may have different surfaces and varying areas. And some of those areas may be connected. But perhaps they’re not. 

Main Area

From your robot mower’s perspective, your yard has a main area. This is the largest space for it to  manage. And there might be an adjoining area that it can reach from the main area. 

Separated Area

But what if you have an additional area that is blocked by a wall or a fence? This may seem an impossible feat for your robot mower. But your robotic mower has a plan for these separated areas as well. 

It all comes down to zones

Your robot has a program to handle these normal challenges.

A zone is just a defined area of your yard. If you have a main area and a separated area, like a separate front and back yard, these would each be zones. 

If there is an open pathway from your front to your back yard, you would still have two zones. They would just be adjoining zones.

These zones are unique. And the zone functionality of your mower offers you great flexibility and convenience with your robot mower. 

Using the  Multi-Zone Function

If your back yard and your front yard are connected, you can easily use the Multi-Zone function of your robot mower. 

The first step to creating coverage areas is to set up your boundary wire. 

Now you define your coverage areas with your mower phone app. There is a feature within the app that lets you define separate areas. Use that feature to follow your mower as it travels along the boundary wire and additional guide wires. Let your mower know when it comes to the beginning and end of a coverage area.

Now you have lawn coverage areas. And you can even determine within the app how much effort is meant to be spent in each section. 

When you schedule your robot mower, it will tackle these different zones based on your specific directions from within the app. So both your back yard and front yard will get the proper care. 

The Automower app from Husqvarna allows you to create up to 5 separate lawn coverage areas. 

Setting up a separated coverage area

But what if your back yard and front yard aren’t connected? How do you set up your robot mower to tackle those areas? 

The solution will depend on whether you have a space to connect the boundary wire from the front to the back. To use the same boundary wire for both areas, you need a space to connect the wire.

The ideal solution would be to travel the boundary wire through a basement. Or maybe you can create a tunnel underground.

If something like this isn’t an option, you’ll have to use separate boundary wire. But then you’ll also need a separate charging station for the separate section.

Your back yard and front yard aren’t a problem for your robotic mower

Your robotic mower is built with solutions. You can access so much functionality from the app you install in your phone. 

And while your back yard and front yard may seem like a challenge to you, your robotic mower has a plan. 

Now you’ll have nothing but peaceful dreams. And hopefully, from the hammock in your yard. You can nap all you’d like, because your robot has everything completely under control.