Your robot mower is so helpful, he’s become a valued member of your family. But lately, he’s looking a little dirty.

So how exactly do you clean your robot mower?

The good news is that cleaning your useful robot mower doesn’t need to be a complex task. You just need to know where to start.

Why clean your robot mower?

If your robot mower doesn’t receive the regular cleaning, he can have problems long-term. And these can be more than an inconvenience. This can create a hassle for your wallet and your budget.

Your robot mower is a reliable machine. But he requires proper scrubbing to operate as intended.

Otherwise, you will pay the price eventually.

So, you’re convinced that cleaning your robot mower is important. Now, how do you go about it?

First things first

Of course, make sure the power to your robot mower is off.  

Your robot’s blades are designed to stop when tipped, turned, or when there are hands near. But it’s still an essential practice to make sure your machine is off whenever you perform any maintenance.

Also, you may want to wear gloves or other protective gear. Don’t forget: safety first!

Your hands will be coming near sharp blades, and potentially pointy branches and other hazards. You shouldn’t clean your mower with your bare hands.

Time to look “under the hood”

Now’s the time to turn your robot friend upside down. Be gentle. You robot is a robust guy, but it’s good to treat him with care.

First, take a look around the outside. You’ll likely see quite a few trapped branches and leaves. So clean those first.

Again, be mindful of hand safety.  And keep kids away.

Now for a little bit of a deeper clean

You don’t need fancy cleaning supplies. Something as simple as a dishwashing brush might be enough.

Now you just want to loosen up leaves and dirt that is stuck to wheels and body of your mower.

You may be tempted to hose down your robot. DON’T DO IT!

While water on the top of your mower, you can do damage if you use high pressure water or solvents. This is especially true when dealing with your mower’s underbelly.

Now turn the mower back to being right-side up. As you do so, make sure to shake the remaining leaves that are stuck underneath.

Some final steps

Your robot is almost ready for his post-bath nap. But there one more step left.

Take a damp cloth to clean off the body panel of your mower.

And then your done. And your robot is clean

This is easy to do. And it will improve the long-term health of your blades, and your robot in general.

Don’t forget about professional servicing

Your robot needs regular cleaning as just described. But at the end of the season, you’ll likely want to invest in a deeper clean.

A professional can clean in a way that you can’t do on your own.

So before you put your robot mower into storage for the winter, make sure make him an appointment with a professional.

Spring will be here before you know it. And you’ll want your mower ready to attack all of your yard’s challenges.

Cleaning your robot isn’t complicated. And it doesn’t take much time. It’s a small investment of time to help your mower simplify your life for many years to come.