So you’re the first one on the block with a robot mower. Are you brave or silly? 

Everyone wants the cool new toy. But many are hesitant to be the first to try. 

Perhaps the neighbors will think you’re lazy, watching a robot do all of your work. Or perhaps you’ll look downright silly.

“Look at that robot mower! That’s the most ridiculous thing ever!”

New technology? That’s for other people. Not for you.

But early tech adopters all have something in common. They think differently. Because they think of possibilities. 

And this allows them to make progress while everyone else is stuck in place. Early tech adopters break down walls. And they’re not afraid to think outside the box.

For instance, they’ve stopped worrying what others think

You know that fool who lives four doors down? The one who you see slaving away with his lawnmower every other weekend?

Yeah, him. 

You’re gonna let fear of that guy’s judgment stop you from trying a cool new gadget?

Not you, Mr. Early Tech Adopter. Nobody mistook you for someone who gives a crap. 

You’ll let Carl spend his weekends with sweat pouring down his chest. And you won’t think twice about what he thinks of you and your new technology. 

Because the reality is that Carl is too much of a hot sweaty mess to think much of anything about you. Remember, he’s playing it safe.

Same old lawn. Same old wasted Saturday. But at least he doesn’t look stupid. Right? 

They seek opportunities to improve their lives

Early tech adopters have a passion for finding opportunities for a better life. They have a keen eye for technology that can be a life changer. 

They are able to see a future. A future where they struggle less and enjoy more. And when they see a chance to get there, they don’t walk. They run. 

Most of us are stuck in the rut of doing things in the same way as our parents and grandparents. But not early tech adopters.

They see the path to a brighter world. And when opportunities arise, they seize the day, and try something new. 

They’re problem solvers

You’ve heard the Negative Ned’s and Nancy’s. The ones who will tell you that life is supposed to be hard. And that not having enough time is a part of life. 

For instance, the car show is in town and they’d love to be there. But the lawn won’t mow itself. So they just give up going. 

That’s life, right? 

But that’s no option for the problem solver. There’s a solution. He just needs to find it.

And there it is. “I’ll have a robot mow my lawn! The technology exists for just this opportunity. ”

And now he’s downing a churro and beer, surrounded by automobiles. 

Yay for the problem solving tech adopters. 

They’d rather be a leader than a follower

Some people spend their lives playing by everyone else’s rules. They won’t go down the path until someone else has been down it first. 

But others aren’t afraid to create new rules. They don’t worry about trying to find some reward in being a follower. They get truly excited creating their own path. 

And while everyone else is waiting for someone else to try, they receive all the benefits of getting there first. 

So what do early tech adopters really have in common?

They’re not waiting for permission. And they’re not playing it safe. 

They see the possibilities. And they want them now. 

The future is waiting. And they’ll go out and grab it. 

Yes, there may be bumps in the road. But life is short. And a challenge is an opportunity. One they don’t want to miss. 

So, stop waiting for tomorrow. You’re wasting precious time. Time waiting for someone else to do right now what you’ll be doing tomorrow. 

Go do it first.