EcoFlow Blade wireless robotic mower combines virtual boundary technologies with a unique, modern design and user experience

EcoFlow Blade wireless robotic mower sold by Autmow


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Wireless robotic mower with a sleek modern design and experience

EcoFlow’s vision is to power a new world. It’s a call to the future—an aspirational, technology-driven, eco-friendly future shared by everyone.

Starting with off-grid battery and power solutions, EcoFlow has taken that knowledge and experience to build a new take on a robotic mower


RTK networks replace the need for burried wire installs.


Unique wheel design reduces turning resistence.


Advanced algorithms generate efficient cutting patterns.


Collect leaves and clippings with optional attatchment

OTA Updates

Seamlessly delivers the most recent software.

Lineup at a Glance


Lawns with minimal trees

EcoFlow Blade wireless robotic mower left side


Installation | Wireless
Workable Acres | .75
Cutting Range | .8″-3″
Slope | 26.6°


Frequent management of leaves and debris

EcoFlow Blade wireless robotic mower lawn sweeper attachment kit.


Sweeper Width | 13.6″
Bag Capacity | .03m³
Sweeping Brush Type | TPEE


Small & Simple Lawns

Worx Landroid WR165 S .125 Acre


Installation | Wireless
Workable Acres | .75
Cutting Range | .8″-3″
Slope | 26.6°

EcoFlow Blade app

EcoFlow App

Use the EcoFlow app to control and monitor your EcoFlow power station, Power Kits, and more. Connect all your devices via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to view real-time stats at your fingertips. Check the basics, such as capacity levels and input power, or take energy into your own hands by setting charging levels or charge speeds.

Unit overview – Quickly get a unit rundown from your phone screen. View capacity levels, charging times, as well as battery health, and running temperature.

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Kress MAP technology
Virtual Boundary

Set a virtual boundary right from the EcoFlow app, without the need for any wiring. Once BLADE’s set to work, it’ll auto-plan a route, cutting your lawn just right. Every single time.


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X-Vision Smart Obstacle Avoidance

With cutting-edge X-Vision tech integrates LiDAR, RTK and visual sensor with AI inside, allowing the BLADE to recognize obstacle intelligently. This means BLADE avoids obstacles by quickly re-routing.

Kress MAP technology
Automatic Route Planning

With Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) positioning tech, BLADE re-routes around rogue debris within an inch of the original plan, so it never gets stuck or misses a cut.

Kress MAP technology
Omnidirectional Front Wheels

A unique design that reduces the resistance while turning by up to 40%. The 7.9” wheels also mean the BLADE can easily overcome obstacles up to 1.6” (nearly 2x higher than other products)


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Wide Cutting Deck

A large, centralized cutting deck with blades larger than traditional robotic mowers allows the BLADE to cut more in a single pass.

Kress MAP technology
Floating Cut Deck

BLADE has a vast .8″-3″ grass-cutting range, adjustable in seconds using the app even while in operation.

Kress MAP technology
GPS Anti-Theft

Track the current progress, status and location of your EcoFlow BLADE from anywhere through its 4G eSIM and GPS connectivity.


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Automatic Rain Detection

The BLADES rain sensor will tell it to park and wait it out when rain is detected to protect it and your lawn from potential damage.

Kress MAP technology
3 + 1 Year Warranty

EcoFlow BLADE users in North America and Europe who purchase Ecoflow BLADE through official authorized channels can enjoy free replacement service for lifetime if they lose or damage wiring harnesses, nails, screws and blades.