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The EcoFlow Blade wireless robotic mower uses the industry’s latest virtual boundary technologies including an RTK reference station and visual confirmation for low signal. All in a sleek, modern package unlike any other we’ve seen before.


  • Installation: Wireless (RTK Reference Station + App)
  • Max Working Area: .75 Acre
  • Max Slope: 26.6° (50%)
  • Cutting Height (in): .8” to 3”
  • Cutting Width (in): 10.2”
  • Sound Level: 64 db(A)

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About EcoFlow
EcoFlow is a leading company in eco-friendly energy solutions with the vision to power a new world. Since its founding in 2017, EcoFlow has become a reliable and trusted energy company for individuals and families across the world, providing accessible and renewable power solutions for homes, outdoors, and off-grid living. Today, with operational headquarters in the USA, Germany, and Japan, EcoFlow has empowered more than 2 million users in over 100 regions worldwide. Learn More >

Automatic Lawn Sweeping
A perfectly manicured lawn is more than just about the cut, so BLADE comes with an add-on kit that clears your yard of leaves and other debris.

Virtual Boundary
Set a virtual boundary right from the EcoFlow app, without the need for any wiring. Once BLADE's set to work, it'll auto-plan a route, cutting your lawn just right. Every single time. 4G eSIM allows you to manage your settings, make adjustments anytime from anywhere.

Automatic Route Planning
With Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) positioning tech, BLADE re-routes around rogue debris within an inch of the original plan, so it never gets stuck or misses a cut.

X-Vision Smart Obstacle Avoidance
With cutting-edge X-Vision tech integrates LiDAR, RTK and visual sensor with AI inside, allowing the BLADE to recognize obstacle intelligently. This means BLADE avoids obstacles by quickly re-routing.

Omnidirectional Front Wheels
A unique design that reduces the resistance while turning by up to 40%. The 7.9” wheels also mean the BLADE can easily overcome obstacles up to 1.6” (nearly 2x higher than other products)

Wide Cutting Deck
A large, centralized cutting deck with blades larger than traditional robotic mowers allows the BLADE to cut more in a single pass.

3+1 (Optional 4 year total) warranty and lifetime replacements for cables and other wearable parts.

Working Area .75 Acres
Max Slope 26.6° (50%)
Noise Level 63 dBA
Security GPS Tracking
Smartphone Control Yes (4G/Bluetooth)
Zones Virtual mow + no-go zones
Timer Yes
Lift Sensor Yes
Rain Sensor Yes
Growth Sensor No
Dog Fence Compatible Great (Virtual Boundary)
Cutting System
Cutting Width 10.2 Inches
Cutting Height (min-max) .8 to 3 Inches
Blade Type 3 Extended Length Pivoting Blades
Battery 298 Wh
Charging Time 130 mins
Working Time 240 mins
Power Consumption N/A
Recharge Mode Contact (Automatic)
Weight 35.3 lbs
Size (LxWxH) 26in x 17.3in x 12.2in
Additional Mower Info
Warranty 3+1 Year
Installation Materials Wireless (RTK Reference Station Included)
In The Box EcoFlow BLADE, Charging Station, Power Adapter, RTK Antenna, Quick Start Guide, Extra Blades, Power Cables, Charge Station Screws, Cable Stakes


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