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Save 30% on Yarbo Y1 Core, M1 Mower and S1 Snow Blower configurations

Isn't there a robot that does it all? Why yes, yes there is. While they may have launched at the end of last season with their snow blower, an updated 2024 core unit for towing, sentry modes and more along with a redesigned M1 mowing unit and the now tested S1 snow blower, Yarbo is here and ready to tackle your lawn care needs all year long.

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Navimow by Segway

Now Available at Autmow

A compact package packing quite the technological punch. The Navimow iSeries wireless robotic mower uses a combination of advanced RTK and a vision redundancy system (ELFS 2.0) for precision and uninterrupted operation. Learn more about the features on the Navimow Brand Page.

Segway navimow i110N advanced wireless robotic mowing with vision and ai technology

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Why robotic mowing?

No matter how good you are at maintaining your lawn, we’ll bet a robot can do it better. 

First of all, a robotic lawn mower maintains your lawn 24/7, day or night, rain or shine. This means more consistent care and a healthier, more fertilized lawn that looks like a million bucks…. without the serious time investment.

“The weather this year has been extremely hot and I have watched my neighbors melting in the heat, mowing grass, while my robot does all the work.” 

You’ll love the convenience, time savings, and beautiful lawn.

Your Time

Spend time doing the things you love — caring for your family, honing your skills, and relaxing — instead of toiling on the lawn. Instead, integrate your robot mower into smart home technologies (like Amazon and Google Home), so you can make modifications and change your mower’s schedule with convenience.

A Healthier Lawn

Robotic mowers are consistent—always knowing when to get out there for a trim. 

This naturally fertilizes your lawn, and avoids the buildup and lawn suffocation that occurs after neglecting your lawn for one too many days.

Better for the planet

Forget the loud roar of a lawnmower you have to shout over. Robotic mowing uses just a few kWh, making it so quiet that you can run it in the middle of the night with the windows open… and still hear the crickets.

Hrs./yr. Spent by homeowners on lawn care

U.S. Air pollution caused by lawn care equipment

Million gallons of fuel spilled ea./yr. using lawn care equipment

Number of times you will change oil on your new bot

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I used to push mow my entire yard once every 6-10 days depending on rainfall and growth. It took about an hr and 45 mins each time. Now about once every 10-14 days I’ll spend about 30 mins weed eating along my neighbor’s fence, my trees, etc and cleaning up the tree lawn next to the street with the push mower.


Homeowner, Customer

Jeff was honest, knowledgeable and extremely helpful laying out my options for a large, odd shaped lawn. He set my system up in an afternoon and came back two other times to help figure out some small quirks (user error) after the system had been running for a few days.


Homeowner, Customer

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