Worx Landroid Garage


Compatible: WR140, WR143, WR150, WR153

• Garage lid easily lifts for easy access to Landroid.
• Flip cover makes operating the machine panel in the charging station possible.
• The Landroid garage provides mower with extra layer of protection against the elements like extreme heat, heavy rain or wind.
• Easy to install, garage simply screws onto Landroid’s charging base.
• Extends Landroids mowing time by keeping the battery cooler.
• Made to fit all of the current Landroid models.
• Landroid returns automatically to the garage when it is done mowing.

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  • (14) - Screws
  • (8) - Base Screws
  • (2) - L-Bracket Feet
  • (2) - Side Supports
  • (1) - Roof
  • (1) - Hex Key



The Worx brand is responsible for the highly modular Landroid® series robotic mowers that are a great fit for most homeowners interest in getting into autonomous lawn care

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Weight10 lbs
Dimensions30 × 22 × 18 in


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