Worx Landroid Garage


• Garage lid easily lifts for easy access to Landroid.
• Flip cover makes operating the machine panel in the charging station possible.
• The Landroid garage provides mower with extra layer of protection against the elements like extreme heat, heavy rain or wind.
•Easy to install, garage simply screws onto Landroid’s charging base.
•Extends Landroids mowing time by keeping the battery cooler.
•Made to fit all of the current Landroid models.
•Landroid returns automatically to the garage when it is done mowing.

OEM Part

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  • (14) - Screws
  • (8) - Base Screws
  • (2) - L-Bracket Feet
  • (2) - Side Supports
  • (1) - Roof
  • (1) - Hex Key



The Worx brand is responsible for the highly modular Landroid® series robotic mowers that are a great fit for most homeowners interest in getting into autonomous lawn care
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Additional information

Weight10 lbs
Dimensions23 × 7 × 30 in


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