Kress 60V Brushless Axial Blower KG561.9 – Bare Tool


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Experience unparalleled cleaning efficiency with the Kress KG561.9, offering:

  • 850 CFM Airflow: Powerful enough to handle various debris types.
  • Brushless Motor Technology: Ensures efficiency and longevity.
  • Variable Air Control Nozzle: Customize your cleaning approach.
  • Bare Tool Versatility: Use with any Kress 60V battery and charger.
  • Ergonomic Design: Comfortable and balanced for extended use.
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The Kress 60V Brushless Axial Blower KG561.9 - Bare Tool is designed for users who prioritize power, efficiency, and versatility in their garden maintenance tasks. Featuring an advanced brushless motor, this blower delivers up to 850 CFM of airflow, making it perfect for clearing leaves, debris, and even light snow. Its variable air control nozzle allows for easy switching between wide and precise airflows, catering to various cleaning needs. The KG561.9's ergonomic design and balance reduce user fatigue, while its bare tool option offers the flexibility to use your existing Kress 60V batteries and chargers.

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