Husqvarna Automower 450XH EPOS



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The Husqvarna Automower 450XH EPOS wireless robotic mower is great for large yards with taller grass types. Fully-equipped model featuring Husqvarna EPOS guidance with transport paths, Systematic or random mowing pattern. Flexible and precise area management. With virtual boundaries, you can define several work areas with different settings and set temporary stay-out zones. Handles all types of lawns, navigates narrow passages, and manages slopes up to 45% (24°) with perfect cutting results – even in rainy conditions. *
* EPOS reference station included with purchase price.

At A Glance:

  • Up to 2.5 Acres (with systematic cutting)
  • 45% (24°) Slopes
  • .8″-2.4″ Cutting Height
  • 2 Years Manufacturer Warranty
  • Wireless Mowing
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Husqvarna EPOS Technology
Virtual boundaries through satellite based technology with an accuracy down to 2-3 cm. No physical wires means new level of robustness and flexibility with unmatched possibilities when programming. Makes it possible to define several work areas with different timers and settings. Like to create temporary stay-out zones and pre-set transport paths for a more flexible placement of the charging station.

EPOS guidance
Automatically calculates the most efficient route to and from the charging station’s docking point. It will vary its route on the lawn to avoid unpleasant tracks.

Husqvarna Fleet Services™
Husqvarna Fleet Services™ gives you the possibility to monitor and control multiple numbers of mowers from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. You can overview your mower’s status or exact location, command them to start, stop or park them all before the storm arrives. Easy to adjust settings and cutting heights. Receive alarms and track the mower’s position in case of theft – from everywhere.10 years mobile data contract included. Standard on 500-series, optional on X-line models. Husqvarna Fleet Services™ also work together with all other HFS sensor equipped products.

Pro user interface
Interface adapted for professional handling, meaning all settings and controls managed remotely through Husqvarna Fleet Services smartphone app or via PC/tablet. Controls on product; status LED indication and START / STOP functionality. Simplifies use for inexperienced users and minimizes serious impact on the product in case of vandalism.

appDrive - driving by remote
Make the product easy to steer in Automower® Connect, by using a smart phone. Use appDrive when defining an EPOS map, or when driving the product between areas without need of carrying.

Theft protection by GPS, Alarm & PIN Code
Products equipped with Automower Connect®/Husqvarna Fleet Services™ immediately begin tracking its GPS position and send notifications to your devices. Makes the installation extra safe and minimizes the risk of theft. Different level theft protection for high security. If the mower carried away a high-sounding alarm starts and can only be deactivated with the mower's unique PIN code.

Working Area 2.5 Acres
Max Slope 45% (24°)
Security Alarm, GPS
Smartphone Control Yes (AppDrive)
Lift Sensor Yes
Rain Sensor IFTTT Protocols
Growth Sensor Yes (Weather Timer)
Dog Fence Compatible Great (No Interference)
Cutting System
Cutting Width 9.45
Cutting Height (min-max) 2
Blade Type 3 Pivoting Razor blades
Battery Li-Ion
Charging Time 60 min
Working Time 200 min
Recharge Mode Contact Automatic
Weight 34.6 lbs
Size (LxWxH) 29.5
Additional Mower Info
Warranty 2 Year (Manufacturer)
Installation Materials Reference Station (included with purchase price)
In The Box Husqvarna Automower 450XH EPOS mower, charging station, power supply, low voltage cable, user manual


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