Echo Robotics RP-1200 Golf Range Picker


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Not only is the RP-1200 autonomous, emissions-free, and whisper-quiet, it also works in tandem with the TM-2000 Robotic Mower. In other words, driving range 2.0 comes with healthier, better-looking turf. Better still, their performance can be monitored and controlled from anywhere using an online portal or app on your smartphone. That means you can reallocate your resources in ways you never thought possible—because until now, they never were.


Echo Robotics

ECHO Robotics is part of ECHO Incorporated, a worldwide leader in professional-grade outdoor power equipment for more than 40 years. Through forward-thinking market research, engineering expertise and acknowledgment of customer needs, we’ve innovated upon and pioneered ground-breaking products—moving sports-turf and driving-range management into a new era.

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Weight188 lbs
Dimensions52 × 47 × 19 in


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