Unique and powerful, wireless 3-in-1 system gives you the ability to perform multiple tasks with a quick swap of attachments

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Yarbo Snow Blower S1 robotic snow removal


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Modular design that combines wireless outdoor automation with multi-tasking

Yarbo began its life as Snowbot with the intentions of being a first of its kind robotic snow removal. After becoming fully-funded through crowdfunding efforts, it began to evolve.

Now known by Yarbo, this intelligent, tank-tracked wireless solution can not only manage snow, but it’s modular design makes room for a portfolio of attachments with a wide-range of tasks. While mowing and leaf blowing are the first extensions of this beyond snow, there is no limit to its evolution in task management.


RTK networks replace the need for burried wire installs.


Unique wheel design reduces turning resistence.

Remote Operation

Advanced algorithms generate efficient cutting patterns.


Collect leaves and clippings with optional attatchment

OTA Updates

Seamlessly delivers the most recent software.

Yarbo Platform

One Body, Limitless Possibilities

Yarbo Snow Blower S1 offers more than just snow removal. With a unified body compatible with various modules, you can easily switch between tasks like snow blowing, leaf blowing, plowing, and more. Simplify your yard care with one versatile solution.
  • Navigation: RTK-GPS, Camera, IMU, mm-Wave Radar
  • Heavy-duty, rubber track design
  • Low-temperature-resistant battery
  • Remote control/monitor: app + controller
  • Safety: Camera + Radar + Bumper + Sheer Pin + Emergency Stop Button

S1 Snow Blower

A first of its kind completely redefining what snow management looks like. Equipped with a powerful, 2-stage intake system, automatic chute management and multiple safety sensors, the Yarbo B1 Snow Blower makes shoveling and manual snow removal a thing of the past. Operate on pre-defined areas or drive remotely through direct camera feeds on the S1 blower and body.

21 Inch

Cleaning Width

12 Inch

Intake Height

6-40 foot

Throwing Distance


Chute Rotation

Stage Type

Cleaning Width

Intake Height

Throwing Distance

Chute Rotation

Deflector Ange

2 Stages



6-40 ft.



Cleaning Area/Charge

Operation Time/Charge

Application Slope

Operating Temperature

Application Snow Types

Application Surfaces

2,152 sq. ft. (5")

6,000 sq. ft.(1")

1.5 hr.

Up to 36°

-20°F - 104°F

Dry, Wet & Packed Snow


Two Stage Design

Easily clear nearly all kinds of snow, including dry snow, wet snow, and packed snow.

Precise Positioning Vision System (PPVS)

PPVS is Yarbo’s exclusive fusion technology which integrates RTK-GPS, Computer Vision, and a variety of sensors that helps Yarbo achieve centimeter-grade accurate positioning without beacons or wires.

Intelligent Route Planning Even Across Several Areas

Create the cleaning plan on Yarbo App, then Yarbo will do the rest. Mulltiple areas are allowed to put into one plan to increase setup efficiency to the most.

Smart Obstacle Avoidance

Equipped with millimeter-wave radar and 3 built-in cameras, Yarbo S1 accurately senses obstacles, whether stationary or moving, within a 5 ft range ahead, and 16 ft range in the side. Reacting in advance, it avoids collisions with trashcans, parked cars, running kids/pets, and pedestrians.

Low-temperature Resistant Lithium-ion Battery

Yarbo S1 is equipped with a lithium-ion battery which can be charged in outdoor environments as cold as -30℃. Unlike gas-powered equipment, battery-powered Yarbo is environmentally friendly and free from harmful emissions.

M1 Mower

Discover a New Era of Lawn Maintenance with Yarbo Lawn Mower. Yarbo M1 lawn mower robot revolutionizes the way you approach lawn care. Say goodbye to the tedious mowing tasks and embrace the joy of having more time for what truly matters.


Virtual Boundaries=No Wire

3.3 Acres



Easily manage multiple areas


Max Slope



Cutting Height

Cutting Width

Mowing Area/hr.

Mowing Area/Charge


121 lbs (incl. batt)



6,458 ft²
(.15 acre)

12,917 ft²
(.29 acre)

Operating Time/Charge

Recommended Cutting Area

Application Slope

Max. Slope at Boundary

Waterproof Level

Powered By

Approx. 2 hr.

2.3 acres

Up to 68%



Lithium-ion bttery

Mowing Efficiently with the Largest Cutting Width

Triple cutting decks
Adjustable cutting height: 1.2-4 inches

Obstacle Avoidance to Ensure Mowing Safety

Millimeter-wave sensors
Three cameras

Precise Positioning Vision System (PPVS)

Equipped with advanced RTK-GPS positioning and intelligent algorithms, Yarbo Lawn Mower effortlessly operates within virtual boundaries, delivering precise and efficient mowing results. With a few simple steps on our intuitive mobile app, you’ll have the mower up and running, taking care of your lawn maintenance needs autonomously.

Intelligent Reaction to Weather Changes

The rain / humidity sensor senses weather changes and measures the humidity of a lawn.

Auto Recharging – 24/7 Runtime

Mowing area/charge: 0.9 acre
Mowing time/charge: 3 hours

B1 Blower

The World’s first intelligent blower. Hands-free and Efficient Leaves / Debris Blowing Experience. Maintain a spotless, well manicured lawn free of leaves and debris with the same advanced, tracked platform and intelligent, wireless programming.

424 CFM

Minimum Air Volume

119 MPH

Wind Speed

20,000 RPM

Fan Speed


Wind Speed & Direction



Blowing Speed

Air Volume

Recommended Blowing Area


110 lbs (incl. batt)

119 MPH

424 CFM

2.3 acres

Blowing Time/Charge

Applicable Slope

Max. Slope at Boundary

Max. Slope at Boundary

Powered By

50 mins

Up to 68%



Lithium-ion bttery

Biomimetic Way of Blowing Leaves

Yarbo Blower mimics human leaf blowing to clear leaves and debris.
It adjusts wind volume and blowing speed to create fan-shaped blowing routes for efficient blowing.

Yarbo Power Station

It’s built to deliver the utmost convenience

A power station that caters to your every need, offering unparalleled convenience and delightful energy solutions.

Unified Battery Powers Yarbo Power Station and Robots Seamlessly

The battery integrated into Yarbo Power Station is identical to the one used in our Yarbo Robot. This seamless compatibility allows you to use the same battery to power both your Yarbo robots and Yarbo Power Station. If you already own a Yarbo Robot, simply acquire the power station case to fully leverage the potential of this unified and versatile battery system.

Harnessing the Power of Multiple Outputs – Your Energy, Your Way

With 2 USB-A, 2 USB-C, and 3 AC outputs, Yarbo Power Station empowers you to charge multiple devices simultaneously, making your portable charging experience more efficient than ever.

Battery Type

Charging Method


Lithium-ion battery

AC wall outlet


AC Output * 3

USB-A Output * 2

USB-C Output * 2

600W total (surge 1200W)
120~240V (50Hz/60Hz)

5V DC , 2.4A, 12W Max, per port

5/9/12/15/20V, 3.25A, 65W Max

EcoFlow Blade app

Yarbo App

Manage initial setup, current status, zone settings and more from multiple devices.

Optional remote tele-operation allows you or your crew to tap into the Yarbo unit from anywhere and use the onboard cameras to manually drive and operate your equipment in cases where autonomy proves problematic.

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