Tavistock | Lake Nona Full Survey

Husqvarna Property Survey


Robotic Mowing

Manual Mowing

Ground Cover



Landscaping Repair

Install Note


Mower Bounds:
Green areas—are fairly straight forward areas but can be adjusted. The mowers currently air on the side of caution in terms of coverage area. We can expand some working zones, especially around large areas like the lakes. Hillsides and overall run-time (around the clock vs night run only)

Red areas—These are either areas that cannot be reached by an existing mower & are too small to warrant the or there is concern over the ability to mow effectively given tight passages or other factors.

Blue areas—Ground cover that there is no need for mowing

Yellow areas—These are marked for attention for a few different reasons. The primary is whether or not this an area that is maintained by their crew, or if it is managed by another entity. The second reason for this color is how the areas bounds are currently broken up; either we could combine an area and it would need landscaping edits, the complexity of the area could cause some concern or if we feel there is a generally a better way to cover the area.

Install note/suggestion—There should be images attached to most of these, but these are mostly reference points for the area or something to keep in mind for an install

Landscaping Edit—Primarily, these are areas where we would need ground-cover removed and sod to be laid for access or there is an issue that needs addressed prior to installation. The second reason would need a more thorough walkthrough in areas as we moved quickly to familiarize ourselves and some of them may have been missed.

Power—This is the most important of the markers in my eyes. They mentioned the ability to add power wherever it may be needed, so some of them are ideal power locations, while others are spots that we believe we could tap into an existing lamp/junction. The fields and ponds are fairly isolated, so many of them may require solar.