The future of lawn care is electric. One of these days, we’ll wake up and the heavy, loud, gas-powered lawn mower of your grandpa’s generation will be a thing of the past.

We get that you might be skeptical about this brave new future. You’re not sure about the power and performance. You may be weary of the price. You may even be reluctant to relearn new equipment.

Today, we’ll explain what you should know about electric (and robotic!) lawn care. By the end, you’ll see how big of an impact electric, robotic lawn care technology will have in your life or business.

What’s Wrong With Grandpa’s Traditional Lawn Care Equipment?

Humans are creatures of habit; we stick with what we know. Hence the reason why not many have made the switch from traditional lawn care tools to electric-powered ones. 

By using traditional lawn care tools, you’re stuck dealing with…

Gas Fumes & Allergies

Traditional tools aren’t good for the air. Being powered by gas means that they release fumes as they run. The California Air Resources Board explains that running a lawn mower for an hour pollutes the air as much as a 2017 Toyota Camry making a 300-mile drive.


And where is that pollution going? In your yard and your lungs; you’re definitely breathing those fumes. That’s not good for your health or the health of your neighborhood.

Difficulty with Uneven Lawns

If the property’s ground isn’t flat, you’d have a bit of a tough time mowing. You may have to make some odd maneuvers to get an even mow throughout the lawn. That mixed with heaviness can be quite the drag.

Risk of Damaged Soil

On top of difficult maneuvering, you risk damaging the soil. Because traditional mowers cut very low to the ground, there could be spots that cut too low. This will damage those spots on the ground, leaving patches on an otherwise nicely cut lawn.

Loud Noise

If there’s one way to annoy your next-door neighbor, it’s to rev up the lawn mower on a quiet relaxing Saturday noonday. They go outside on their patio to sit back and enjoy the pleasures that nature has to offer. 

And just like that, their tranquility is disturbed by your mower. Either they have to go back inside their house now for silence, or they pester you about the noise. 

How You Benefit by Switching to Electric

By switching to electric (battery-powered) lawn tools, you’ll experience great benefits such as these.

Excellent Performance

You may think that you get better results from traditional lawn tools, but in many cases, that’s not true. When it comes to maintenance, electric tools are much easier to maintain. In fact, Consumer Reports have given higher predicted reliability rankings to electric tools than traditional ones.

Plus, when it comes to mowers, robotic lawn mowers handle uneven lawns exceptionally better. You won’t see lawn patches or uneven cut lengths.

And guess what? A robotic mower is not only electric, but mows your lawn a little bit all the time — not only creating less stress on the lawn and leading to a healthier turf, but also providing that “always freshly-mowed” look.

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Better for the Environment and Your Body

Being powered by a battery means zero emissions. That means you can work on your lawn without inhaling engine gas. As a whole, you’ll save money too; recharging electric lawn tools is much cheaper than refilling the gas in traditional tools over the year.

Not only are you doing the environment and your bank account a favor, but you’re doing your body a favor, too. The material used to build battery-powered tools is much lighter, meaning less soreness on your body while you work.

Less Noise

We already live in a society that’s full of loud noises. Why be forced to add to it in your own home and neighborhood? 

Electric lawn tools are so much quieter than traditional tools that they won’t impact your hearing, health, or the neighbor’s peace and quiet.

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Tech that Frees Up Your Time

The technology in electric tools is what makes buying them worthwhile.

At least in robotic mowers, you’ll get features like:

  • GPS tracking to see their location
  • Bluetooth/app/fleet manager connectivity lets you check on the health of your equipment
  • Sensors to sense for obstacles, stay within your lawn’s boundaries with perimeter wire, or return to the charging station when on a low battery
  • Anti-theft features (because lord help the person who tries to steal one of these.)
  • Scheduling

By letting robotic mowers run on autopilot, you free up some time to focus on other tasks.

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“What About My Landscaping Business?”

We do admit that the switch will take a bit of a learning curve. Your crew will have to adjust to how they handle the equipment since its battery life depends on how much power you make it use.

But think of the long-term benefits it’ll bring your business. Switching to electric lawn care equipment means:

  1. More time for your crew to focus on edging, trimming, and other details
  2. Massive cost savings.
  3. Greener, healthier lawns, which your customers will love
  4. No more time spent at the gas station fueling up your equipment; just charge and go (with some extra batteries on hand)
  5. Checking on the status of your equipment from any device

Great Options for Electric Lawn Care Equipment

Convinced? Here are a few nice options to look into to begin your transition.


  • Robomow RK Series: User-friendly, durable, and good size. Prices for these mowers start at $1,200, depending on the lawn size.
  • Husqvarna Automower 415X: One of the best-in-class robot mowers for medium-sized lawns.

Lawn care professionals should check out our guide on the best robotic mowers for commercial use.

Let AUtmow Help You Step Into Our Electric Lawn Care Future

Looking forward to moving your lawn into the future but not sure where to start (and what technology or tool might be best for your unique needs? Reach out to the Autmow team today and we will assist you in finding the perfect lawn care technology for your needs.